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1st Sept Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Take Charge of Your Life


Have you regurgitated at the same level far too long? Bypassed by every new comer matters promotions? Are you sensing stagnation in your career/business life? Have you blamed external factors for your plight? Are you desirous to break loose from business as usual?

As I examine, “Leading Without a Position” at KICC from 6pm to 8pm tomorrow Friday the 2nd Sept, I trust the Lord will introduce you to yourself. I met myself. What a freedom! Come ready to meet yourself. Book an appointment with yourself. You’ve given others appointments long enough. It’s time you meet yourself – you will be in shock what a great personality of influence you’ll be dating.

Many people are suffering from self cancellation and self devaluation. Conditioned for suppression and submission. While leadership is in your material form – your DNA, it is trapped on your inside. We’ve got to unleash it now. The time has come to stop hiding in our past so that we rise up to what we were designed to be.

If you don’t rise up to your leadership position, your children will be slaves of other peoples’ initiatives. True leaders lead with or without a position. True leadership is not tangential (touching periphery); it is systemic. Step by step, it can be developed with certainty not probability.

Do you sense that you are on the verge of greatness? Are you the revolutionary who’ve been sitting on your gift? The life transforming message fresh from God that I will share tomorrow will upset your equilibrium. It might as well be your life’s tipping point. You’ll reveal yourself in an unparalleled manner and disrupt an entire industry through your unleashed leadership.

Whenever the rules of the game change, the frail freak and true leaders are revealed.

Are you ready to lead in the 21st Century, the knowledge era?

With Love,

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.




4 thoughts on “1st Sept Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Take Charge of Your Life

  1. serah says:

    great doctor,at this time in my life i want to explore and exploit my Potentials.i have met me-a self realisation of the greatness in me!

  2. NJERI MWANGI says:

    Self discovery is the most powerful tool of life.

    Ability to answer ,Who am I ? Makes a whole difference to an individual.
    Quite thrilled of the topic!! Listened to you on Sunday at Karen



  4. Mrs Njuguna Faith (of Alliance Girls High) says:

    Morning Dkt Kinyanjui, I’m glad that you are still impacting positively to many like you did in our school sometime back. I still recall those talks. I look forward to joining you this evening. God bless you as we all prepare to learn more.

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