Before You Fire Your Boss

Before You Fire Your Boss

True security is only found in a ‘safe’ prison – there you are guarded 24/7. In the free world, you cannot be guaranteed 100% security. But do you really want to operate from prison? Perhaps I should have entitled this article, “Prison Break”. Don’t kill that dream in the name of job security. Believe it or not, on a comparative scale, there is eventually much more security in running your own business than employment. All you need is the willingness to pay the set-up price. But nothing worthwhile is accomplished in life without faith and paying the price.

There is a strong inner witness within you that you were designed for greatness. Often, greatness is revealed by your passion. Your real passion is contagious. Those around you sense it. The time has dawned for you to step out. Don’t wait for a ripe time. Do not consult Nay Sayers. Do not seek counsel from those who’ve tried nothing. They often have ideas on how to run your life with unsolicited advice. If you continually expose yourself to their negative energy, they will puff out the remaining little flame off your candle. Surround yourself with those who perpetually challenge you to manifest yourself – the true ‘you’ that has never been revealed to the world.

But before you fire your boss, you need to manage your transition strategically. You have real needs that cannot be wished away. Among other issues, during your transition from employment to being an employer; you need to be crystal clear on your income plan (financial plan that will cushion loss of regular monthly income); business growth and development; business network analysis (process and strategic networks including business financiers) ; identification and profiling of your customers and business niche; putting up a business system; and your growth accountability plan – that is, outside conventional structured frameworks of job accountability, you are far better with someone checking whether you are on track.

Cups of wise men never fill – they never graduate from learning. They never assume that they have learnt everything. They are in a never-ending learning mood. Their knowledge cup always has space for more knowledge. The traditional school taught us to specialize and be known for one and only one expertise. If you come from this school of thought, you are wired for consultancy. However, if your true desire is to become a business owner, you must be ready to learn a wide range of disciplines to the degree that you can offer overall direction and leadership to your enterprise.

That doesn’t mean becoming a technical jack of all trades. Absolutely not. Leave that to your technical team. Rather, it implies that you cannot afford to be absolutely blank on any critical area in business like filing returns, acquisition of relevant business licenses, staffing process, systems administration etc. Remember in the comfort of the corporate world you’ve lived, such forte was committed to specialists. Not so now when you are putting up your own business. You can’t stay aloof and ignore whatever happens in other departments.

This sort of learning does not come from traditional schools. Perhaps this is why the likes of Ted Turner (founder of CNN); Steve Jobs (founder of Apple); Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group); Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft); Henry Ford (founder of Ford motor vehicle industry); Thomas Edison (inventor of 100s of items including electric bulbs and air condenser line) etc quit school. But did they really quit school? No. They quit the traditional school and enrolled in the school of life where there is no graduation…and no retirement either.

You need someone to be accountable to. A life couch who will pat your back and encourage you to keep moving when (not, if) the going gets tough. This is one major missing link in Kenya. Many American, European and Australian young professionals had lots of people around them to look up to in the world of business and success in general. Truth be told, this has been a challenge in Kenya.

Lots of people with money cannot inspire growth because they acquired wealth in undeniably questionable means – they can’t lead anyone even their own shadow…they can’t mentor anyone…they can’t logically explain how they own ranches, malls and significant shares in major corporates…the dots never add up…and if you try to add them up, you are likely to trace the start up capital to the National Treasury or/and deliberate government policies crafted in favour of the few sacred cows at the expense of millions unsuspecting Kenyans.

Do we then mourn the grave situation? By no means. We ought to focus on what we can change rather than what we cannot change. While there is little you can do about your ancestors, there is everything you can do about your descendants. Leave your children with the foundation that you never had. Invest in them. But you can’t give what you don’t have. You can only effectively teach what you consistently model. Invest in yourself first. Then you will be in position to effectively invest in others. If you value something, you will be willing to invest in it. And, you shouldn’t value anything more than yourself. Love yourself in deed…value yourself…honour yourself…by continually investing IN yourself – this will keep your self esteem way above every storm.

You Don’t Need A Job” seminar is not just about what you will do; but even more importantly, what you become. How do you deal with hard times? We will shift your ‘growing-up’ paradigms from seeing yourself hanging on to an insecure pay-check to visualizing your world from a business owner perspective with outlets all over Africa premised on your talents, skills and experience. We will lay out a clear formula of winning with others – your employees, customers, bankers and consultants in IT, accounts, HR etc. Anyone who has ever attended my motivational seminars can attest to the value addition in life skills. I receive testimonies of lives that were positively influenced almost on a daily basis in my inbox. Testimonies that cannot be quantified monetary wise.

Allow me to reiterate that this inspirational and life-transforming training scheduled for 12th August 2015 is not for everyone. It’s for ‘prison breakers’ designed purely for those who are ready to transit from employment into business and desire to be equipped with hands-on skills…and they recognize the need for mentorship and business networking. As such, they are glad that we have an absolutely free mentorship program, SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB to journey with them till their star dwells in the highest like the eagle. If you are still keen to join us, we are closing bookings this week on Wednesday the 15th July 2015. For reservations and relevant details, feel free to call: 0722278176; 0725215711; 0721419430 or email me directly: OR/AND and for related articles, visit: and feel free to subscribe (for free) to receive all my articles in your email.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker 





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    Great stuff. Thank you

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    This is so inspiring Dr. Kinyanjui! Keep up the word

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