Bouncing Back from Shambles

Bouncing Back from Shambles

One day, everything seems great in your world – maybe not perfect, but overall things are going to plan. And then something happens. You lose your job, or health, or someone you love, or your home, or maybe your partner is diagnosed with a terminal condition…or a combination of all the above complexes…life is in unintelligible shatters…inconceivable mess…everything worth living for is lost. In a day or perhaps in a month. A complete life overhaul is urgently needed.

At this point, many of us live in denial for too long…then blame others for the sad turn of events…then they self-victimize and feel guilty for their situation. During this season, which we all go through at some point, your attitudes, decisions, actions and relationships will determine your chances of either bouncing back or losing it in its entirety…regrettably, you end up becoming a statistic of a life example of a failure cum loser.

Believe me, in tomorrow’s session, DON’T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT, is a healing sitting designed for those in crisis or those who have (just) emerged from a crisis or those headed for a crisis, the Lord forbid. Never before have I ever been so inspired to impact a broken life to bounce back with vitality. Yes, my spirit is loaded with unction to restore the broken hearted to her/his place of glory.

The seven points that I will share from 6pm sharp to 8pm at Laico Regency tomorrow, Friday the 4th December 2015, might be your defining moment. For this reason, I am personally discounting for all SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB members 500bob for tomorrow’s event. As such, rather than paying the usual 2K, club members (with our membership cards) will pay KES 1,500 only. We will refund 500bob to all those who had made their payments at the venue entrance. In addition, we will give DVDs for previous events since August for absolutely free of charge. The available DVDs are: You Don’t Need A Job; Personality Dramas; and Why Men are Linear and Women are Cyclic.

Feel free to come along with a friend who could be going through a difficult situation or someone who wants to equip her/himself for the unforeseen. They say, ‘to be forewarned, is to be forearmed’. For those who would want to join us tomorrow and they are not members of SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, you are most welcome to celebrate with us in our last event in 2015. Contact Cecilia @ 0725215711 asap for available slots and feel free to interact with our mentorship materials and previous articles at:

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Mentor, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.


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