Disrupt Your Status Quo

Sense 101 Life Club family, as we prepare for “Where are Our Fathers?” this coming Friday the 5th August 2016,


Disrupt Your Status Quo


Is it possible you’ve settled for less than you were created to be? Is it possible you have accepted a certain status quo and you vehemently defend it because it has now become your new norm?


The fact that you are a single mum is evident that you had a desire for a healthy long lasting relationship with the father of your child. Could it be you have now accepted your current status of singlehood and you fervently justify singleness?


The fact that you are a married woman is evident that your original desire was to have a blissful marriage. Could you be silently suffering under verbal and physical abuse hoping someday that your husband will change? But the wait has been too long until you have accepted your lot as a battered woman.  And perhaps you imagine all other women die silently like you are doing?


Maybe your husband is an absent father but you’ve decided to accept it and step into his big shoes. He is working far away from home and you have both accepted it as a necessity for provisions. Or perhaps he lives with you but he has to pass by the local pub daily. You have accepted the position now as your new standard.


Could it be you have allowed your boss to hurl insults on you and the fear of losing your job has made your life almost vegetative. Have you sold yourself to indentured servitude? Reduced yourself to a pawn in someone else’s game? They call you at midnight past working hours and you helplessly salute to the commanding tone? Are you an employee or a slave?


Perhaps your intimidating boss has even crossed your moral red line. And you helplessly allow him to walk away with it like a god? You have even developed adaptation mechanisms and accepted it as your new normal. Could there be an alternative norm within your reach?


Are you living with a man who can no longer provide to his family and you have now accepted the status quo? Reversed responsibilities. Has your man failed as the priest in that home and he is actually your main prayer item…but you have now accepted your man as he is? Is this the optimal lifestyle?


Could it be that you have broken countless relationships until you have no trust for any other? You’ve been taken advantage of too many times to trust anybody?


What if there was an alternative worldview?


If you stay in the darkness for too long and we switch on the light suddenly, it hurts. It hurts the eyes. That’s why this message is hurting you. You feel exposed because you had developed coping mechanisms to camouflage your status quo. You keep missing opportunities because you can’t come out for help. Too embarrassed to ask for help.


Are you living with someone who is not bold enough to ask for help? I charge you today, to save him from himself, drag him to our forum this Friday the 5th Aug @KICC. There are people who will never accept that they need help. But because of the responsibilities on their shoulders, they need to be dragged out of darkness to begin operating in the light.


There comes a time we’ve got to trade our shame with confidence. There comes a time we’ve got to use what we have against what we don’t have. Yes, there’s someone who needs a quantum change in her family outlook. A total system overhaul.  She can’t live in denial any longer.


Most of us have developed survival mechanisms to cope with our darkness. We have lived in darkness too long to see the light. A few have someone to blame for the darkness but the majority do not even realize that they live in darkness. If you have heard me long enough, I bet you’ve heard me say that I prefer a child who is afraid of darkness than an adult who is afraid of the light. I challenge you today to accept nothing less than your original full package. It was fully paid for!


Twenty centuries before us there lived a blind man. Like many of us, Bartimaeus had accepted his blindness status. He had conformed to a mediocre system of begging for alms. Settling for less than he was designed. His purpose required sight. This I know because immediately he received his sight, he followed the Healer in His mission (Mark 10:46-52).


The blind man asked for help. He shouted for attention. He refused to be silenced by the church elders. At times people around you block your miracle. Some folks only love you while you are blind – they can’t stand your sight. They prefer you living in your status quo. They never want you to see the light. Not knowing some of us have ignorantly joined networks for the blind. Did you know misery loves company? There are people who can’t stand failing alone. They want to drag you down the drain with them.


I make a solemn invitation to all and sundry to our rightful place matters family. Back to the original intent of our Creator. Back to the original status designed by our Maker. An available, responsible, providing and godly father; caring mother and disciplined children in Jesus Name.


This morning, Sunday the 31st July 2016, I am praying for you and with you that your sight may be opened to entertain the possibility of the ideal family as God had intended for you. Today I am praying that you stop fighting the ideal family as God had designed it. The easiest thing we can do is to empathize with broken relationships. Just like many empathized with the blind in the days of Jesus’ flesh. But the Healer was and still is more than willing to give us life abundantly; above all we can ever ask or think according to the power that works WITHIN US (Eph 3:20).


Notice that Jesus told Bartimaeus, ‘YOUR FAITH has healed you.’ This faith was not in Jesus. It was in Bartimaeus. Do you have faith for a stable family? Do you have faith that you will enjoy a blissful family right in this life? While I will definitely encourage the hurting and the single dads and mums in our midst during my family talk on Friday the 5th Aug, today I choose to change the conversation and sell you the idea that it is never too late with God to bless you with an ideal family.


For your comfort, in tomorrow’s Daily Challenge, I’ll share effective parenting tips for a single mum.


May He who opened the blind eyes open your inner eyes for you to see the abundant riches in His store for you. Living life and living it to the full (John 10:10). Will you buy this message and refuse to settle for anything less than the original intent of your Maker?




With Love,

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.


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  1. Phyllis says:

    I like your teachings Dr. Kinyanjui.
    Do you have programs for teenagers?
    our daughters are 14 years, 9 years and 3 years.

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