Do You Really Know Your Why?

27th Aug Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Do You Really Know Your Why?

Do you wake up each morning to run errands that you don’t like just to make ends meet?

Are you a busy body hardly having self time or even quality quiet/prayer time wrestling never ending bills?

Could you be in business trying 101 business ideas hoping your fate is hidden in business and in one of your attempts you’ll hit a jack pot?

Have you worked for over 20 years with nothing much to show for the decades of toil and hustle?

Or could you be doing well in the corporate rank and they suck the last energy out of your already tired body as you’ve followed a career path that conflicts with your purpose?

Are you hearing the voice of destiny calling you from a distance but you are too afraid to follow your heart because of the ground realities (mortgage, school fees, bills, loans)?

Have you felt like losing it of late having given your all to work and life seems not to have rewarded you commensurate to your labour?

Did you go back for further studies hoping they’ll recognize you just to realize the space was flooded with insecure ‘owners’?

The reality is that 95% of all human beings who’ve ever lived never discovered their purpose in life. Consequently, they never lived. They barely survived. They second guessed through life frustrated.

The harsh reality is that moving faster in the wrong direction won’t deliver the Promised Land.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in work, hopelessness will still linger so long as your purpose is desiring to manifest and express itself to a world that has been longing for you to reveal yourself.

What is life all about?

Finding your place. Finding your purpose and pursuing it with all your might. Knowing with certainty that you are in the perfect will of God. Synchronizing who you are with what you do.

I can’t tell you how fulfilled I am. What I do is my breakfast, lunch, dinner, breath, dreams, mission…

What is your why?

Are you too afraid to reveal yourself in pursuit of money? What if we changed games and you stop pursuing success…success pursues you?

Fulfillment in this life begins with discovering your why (purpose) and spending your all pursuing this one thing (purpose).

This self-discovery journey cannot be given justice at the plenary sessions at KICC. The conversation must be deeper and personal. The soul searching calls for deliberate coaching.

That’s why we have extended the invitation to our new members till next week Friday the 2nd where we’ll avail registration forms for the Sense 101 Nile Cruise.

This self-discovery lifetime voyage will cost you 170K (return air tickets, 6-nights full board, 3-days cruise at the Nile waters, visit to the pyramids, local transport). If you would want to join the 83 who have expressed interest, side chat 0722 278176 to be included in the Nile cruise Whatsapp group for relevant privileged communication.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga


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