Don’t Go Down Without A Fight!

Don’t Go Down Without A Fight!

Depositors of Imperial Bank face an uncertain future. Many with untold financial obligations. There is no denying the fact that there is some relative tension about a brink future. But that’s how life is – full of unwarranted surprises, at times, very disappointing. Someone’s house on mortgage in Syokimau and Lang’ata were demolished.  They did all the due diligence possible including with the lender’s lawyers. No mistake on their human part. The hard reality, however, is that they are now servicing a bank facility for a premise they will never own…from hard earned money…wrestling traffic, dealing with all sorts of bosses, unbearable work deadlines and besides, other financial obligations.

Yet another person is on antidepressants after a marriage break up. After giving her/his all, the marriage still slid into a nose dive. There is someone reading this article who is handling hawk eyed auctioneers while another one has just lost a high profile job. While someone’s hell is the loss of a loved one, another one has just been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. While there is someone who is depressed that she has no clue how to enjoy this Christmas holiday, another one is not sure how to handle a college girl he impregnated last August. No doubt, someone is headed for a medical surgery while a different person, with all the resources, is unable to conceive. A business deal gone sour has robbed someone of all her life-long pension.

Trouble comes in your life without an invitation. Most of us go ballistic when trouble comes. We were never prepared to handle difficult situations. We had an all powerful mum or dad or both castling us from the worries of life. The difference between a ball and a marble is that a ball bounces back after a fall while a marble crashes. While we all go through trouble, the ability to bounce back depends on the material you are made of. Don’t crash after the fall. Anything worth having in life calls for a fight.

Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck begins his bestselling book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’ with these words, ‘life is difficult’. And in Job 14.1, the writer candidly points out that few are the days of a man born of a woman and they are full of trouble. The harsh reality that each one of us is either in a difficult situation, or headed to a difficult situation, or has just emerged out of a difficult situation. Unfortunately, when hard times hit us, the majority of us complain, ‘why me?’ The real question is, ‘why not you?’ and ‘why another person?’ and ‘who told you that they are having it smooth all the way?’ We all go through all four seasons in life: good times (spring), very bright days…celebrations (summer), dull days…mild headaches (autumn) and very difficult seasons (winter).

During heavy winters, at times, we all doubt ourselves. Quite interesting that after John the Baptist introduced Jesus as the Messiah to the world; while in prison (winter), he (John) sent his disciples to verify whether indeed Jesus was the Messiah. Shortly after Elijah the Prophet slaughtered the prophets of Jezebel (the prophets of Baal) at a display of might altar, he fled for his dear life from the same queen. Yes, even giants fall. Even giants, at times, doubt themselves. I am dedicating this article to someone going through winter totally doubting himself. Yes, that high flying individual who has met himself in very unfamiliar waters. In three points, this is my message for you:


  • Focus on summer

Maybe, there is someone you wish that you never met … that you never gave him your phone number. But that’s yesterday. You can’t change the hand of times. Yesterday is gone and you have no capacity to alter any iota about yesterday. Burry your ordeals in the sea of forgetfulness.  How, you may ask? By focusing on summer. Focusing on the bright end of the tunnel. Fighting till trouble withers away. Don’t overstay in a pity party. Although the storm lasted 40 days, Noah stayed in the ark for over a year. Learn when the storm is over…get out of the ark and rebuild your future.

Don’t be alone

You’ve fronted a strong face long enough. Attempting to make all around you feel all is well with you. But you can’t handle it anymore. The greatest poverty in life is loneliness. When pain gets too strong, we can hardly reason soberly. That’s why some people commit suicide. For this cause, I emphasize, don’t be alone during winter. And don’t be in the company of people who take advantage of your vulnerability during your rough season. Neither be in the company of prisoners. In that fateful shipwreck in the high seas of the Mediterranean on his way to Rome, the greatest liability Paul had was being in the boat with hopeless prisoners who had already signed defeat.

Don’t go down without a fight

Even if you are reading this article from a hospital bed, fight for your health. Your body responds to your mental images. Your body is a slave of the mental signals commanded by your neural system. Fight to your last breath. Fight to the last drop of blood. Don’t die till you die. Live till you die. Release positive energy into your situation. Don’t watch your loved one wasted by substance abuse. Speak possibilities of a better world to him, everyday. Bring him counsellors to instil a sense of winning. Do everything within your hands to save his soul. Fight for your loved ones.

Fight for your country

Fight for your county

Fight for your family

Fight for your career

Fight for your finances

Fight for your health

Fight for your life

Don’t Go Down Without A Fight!

And therefore,

If you lose your job … don’t lose yourself

If you lose your money … don’t lose hope

If you lose your health … don’t lose faith

If you lose a relationship … don’t lose your sanity

If you lose a battle … don’t lose the fight!


You can be hard pressed but you don’t have to be crashed. You might lose the battle…but don’t go down without a fight!

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Life Coach, Mentor, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker



2 thoughts on “Don’t Go Down Without A Fight!

  1. Beatrice Wanjiru says:

    This is great. These are tge exact words i want to hear and put into practice. God bless the author. When we lose money to enemies our friends comment likee “let her lose the money; if i borrowed her she would not give me” or “didnt i borrow her money and she said she doesnt have? Let her lose it”.

    Once again thanks.

  2. simon Munuhe says:

    Very encouraging words of wisdom

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