Eight Common Deceptions about Success

This week I will be concluding Season I of my countrywide motivational program with KCB Biashara Club customers at Thika and Machakos and I must admit it has been a very fulfilling mission. While introducing the inspirational sessions, I flashed out eight common deceptions about success in business which I take this opportunity to briefly share with my blog fans:-

Deception I: When success eludes us, we argue it’s impossible; others are succeeding because they are corrupt – We criticize and fight what we are unable to achieve and start consoling ourselves, “who wants money anyway? Who wants a Range Rover? Who wants to live at Kile? Why go for further studies? Why get married?” Please understand that you cannot get what you fight against. Never fight success. Appreciate its challenging and resolve you must succeed. Your resolve to succeed is a prerequisite to your success in whichever field of endeavour.

Deception II: Success is predetermined – With this attitude, we surrender to fate. Destiny. And argue that the graph is already drawn. Caution: God cannot be mocked, you reap what you sow. He does not show partiality with persons. If you sow laziness, you will reap the fruits of laziness. Scripture directly links laziness with poverty (Prov 10.4). You draw your graph of life.

  Deception III: Success is mystical – With this school of thought, we search for success. We search for the silver bullet. The golden key that will suddenly unlock the flood gates of success. Kamuti. We seek for protection, we consult fortune tellers, palm readers and we look for our stars predictions in the local dailies. Dear friends, success is not a mystery, it’s a deliberate proven process. Why go to a poor dude ruggedly dressed in a dark room (witchdoctor) to prophesy wealth into your life? It’s ironical.

Deception IV: Success is a matter of luck – With this belief, we hope for success. While we must maintain hope, we do not succeed by hope. We plan for success. Success is never accidental.

Deception V: Success is all about opportunity – Coming from this ideology, we wait for success. We start believing that they succeeded because they were in the right place at the right time. If for-sure there is such a thing as ‘opportunity’, even if it does appear, only those who are prepared will see and seize the opportunity. Success occurs when ‘opportunity’ meets preparation.

Deception VI: Success is just an event – Coming from this doctrine, we schedule for success. “When I finally get anointed with the ‘holy waters’ from River Jordan….I will possess every part my feet step upon…..”. Haven’t we seen people who keep getting these ‘blessings’ and wallow in failure year in year out? While ‘events’ play a significant role in inspiring us to action, they can only contribute so much towards our course. Motivation covers a lot of grounds but won’t cultivate any. Events may catapult you into action – but you must act.

Deception VII: Success is all about connections – So, we network for success. With this creed, we begin our conversations like this, “If only…if only I were Joyce Chepkirui, the 10,000 gold medallist in the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Glasgow,  I would have gotten capital to start a business empire…if only I came from a privileged background…if only I had better education…”. While it’s true that networks play their role, it is also true that some children born in prominent families that are highly networked never succeed.  Networks facilitate success but do not bring success.

Deception VIII: Success is merely hard work – While I admit that work is the price we pay to travel the highway of success, looking at hard work alone as the ultimate ingredient of success is one dimensional. There are folks who wake up early and sleep late and success still eludes them. To succeed therefore, we must look at multiple realities and look beyond (just) the discipline of hard work.

What does it take then to succeed?

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Kinyanjui Nganga

Author, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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  1. Ruth Njung'e (Mrs) says:

    Thanks for the Inspiring topics. Well communicated.

  2. Maggie says:

    Great content. I appreciate the realistic approach and spiritual guide incorporated.
    Continue to be blessed, to be a blessing…

  3. charles says:

    spot on!

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