Ever Heard of Naroosurwa?

Ever Heard of Naroosurwa?

I have the privilege of being the guest speaker at the Kenya High School this week on Friday, 23rd May 2014 and I will also be addressing candidates at St George’s Girls on Thursday evening. While I graciously see these as honourable opportunities to positively impact the society, I can’t help but recall my trip last week to a little known school 68Kms rough road from Narok town into a dry jungle without the privileges that schools in the cities enjoy. At Naroosurwa, while most students in this mixed secondary school are ordinary students in various aspects, many of the girls are already mothers who have chosen a more hopeful future for their children through education.

While there is little you and I can do to reach out to the more than 6,000 high schools across the country individually, we can purpose to adopt just one school for mentorship. Hon. Mwangi Wa Iria has already structured such a program for Murang’a County but this needs to be replicated across the country. But why the bother of getting out of our comfort zones in the cities and reach out to an unknown kid lost in a dusty dungeon of desperateness? First, you are where you are because someone lifted you up in one way or the other and hence you have a moral obligation towards the larger society. There is no such a thing as a self-made man. Each one of us is a product of some past assistance. Someone held your hand. You cannot live for yourself alone. May our good Lord open your eyes and humble you enough to accept this profound truth so that you respond to this solemn call accordingly.

Having said that, I candidly remind you that it is in your self-interest to give back to the society for which you are a part of. It is only by changing one student at a time shall we ingrain in them values stronger than what radicalization into terrorism offers them. By changing these students one at a time, our cities and villages will be safer for all of us. By positively impacting into the lives of these students, we will run a more academically endowed society with less road carnage and with better ethics leading to cleaner streets and higher cash flows in our growing economy. Take up the challenge and instil hope among students while they are still green to adapt to sound doctrine. Therefore let us look beyond ourselves and our freely God given current comforts to the noble needs of a weeping child seeking someone to offer a shoulder to cushion her hurts and be nurtured to full realization of their potential. May I humbly state that I fervently believe in this message that I have posted as the more than 300 schools that I have personally visited can attest and the joy and fulfilment I derive from successful students who were impacted through my outreach programs defy description.

Kinyanjui NgangaAuthor and Motivational Speaker

11 thoughts on “Ever Heard of Naroosurwa?

  1. Lucy Karanja says:

    For sure, a single act of kind- heartedness can have a domino effect
    and eventually turn our entire country around; Mr K ; I would
    love if you also tackled an article on how to influence
    the ones hooked in drugs esp after losing the lives of more than a 100 kenyans recently after taking illicit brew.

    1. Lucy, thanks for following my blogs – you are indeed a daughter of encouragement; and forsure, one of these days, I will run an article that will help those hooked up in drugs. Cheers.

  2. Susan Gitau says:

    Have you by any chance given a motivational talk to the girls at Apostolic Carmel Secondary in Buruburu?

    1. Yes Susan, I have been to Apostolic Carmel Girls

  3. Julin says:

    Intresting and true

  4. joseph says:

    This is great & will be powerful

  5. Sammy Machio says:

    you have really inspired my life holistically

    1. Thanks Sammy. Be blessed

  6. Lydia Ochwanyi says:

    I heard you speak at the QEG meeting on 4th July and I was totally amazed by your teaching. I am currently reading THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD. I thank God for you. You are a great inspiration.

  7. murugi says:

    This comes on day when I thought have you been to Kyeni girls high school in Embu

  8. Nicholas Maina says:

    I give motivational talks to schools when i get a chance for free about drugs and Alcohol abuse because i have seen its effects because am a civil servant who has access to these issues. Am not as articulate as you are but would love more coaching from you. Thanks.

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