He Ignored Her Mid-Night Note…

He Ignored Her Mid-Night Note…

He scorned her advice…a perfect male chauvinist. “A woman cannot give any sound advice”, he reasoned and acted accordingly. Despite her persistence that IMG_6888she had a disturbing dream that he should have nothing to do with that just man. Being an all powerful governor, her strong willed husband could have none of her ‘feminine’ arguments. And, therefore, he followed his intuitions and handed the Lord of glory to the cross…

Not long after than he was dethroned, exiled and committed suicide. Had he listened to his wife as he sat on his judgement seat, Pontius Pilate couldn’t have lost his throne and kicked out of palace as tradition records. He couldn’t have lost his life. But he couldn’t listen to her. How often do we lose meaningful relationships courtesy of big egos? How often do several people lose their lives because they couldn’t control their emotions? Could you have lost a life-time opportunity on the grounds of your temperaments?

Join me on Friday the 4th September at 6pm at Laico Regency Hotel and learn how your personality influences your sex life; your driving behaviour; your spending decisions; eating habits; dress code; conflict resolution; listening skills; working vocabulary; emotional balance; career growth; personal branding; relationships; business life; and character. In this “Personality Dramas” Friday, you will learn how to always be dignified by being in control of your life – it earns you respect and power; and symbolises maturity that can be trusted for serious business engagements.

You may not change the rains, but you can avoid being rained on. It’s time you stopped wishing for less problems and seek to acquire more skills to deal with the day-to-day challenges. If you will change on the inside, everything around you will change.  You don’t need to change the outside; all you need is to work on your inside – your personality. It’s childish to live a life of blaming others. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. In every relationship, half of the problem is you. Its time you stop seeking to be understood and seek to understand. Its time you work on your personality and take your world by storm.

In addition, you will freely interact with Sense 101 Life Club members in the most thrilling learning environment as you master your personality. If you missed the “I Don’t Need A Job” seminar, you certainly want to get the inspirational DVDs for the entrepreneurial sessions especially if you are in a transition from employment into business. We covered three sessions in this seminar viz: Lifting the Lid; Winning with Others; and Creating a Business System. The attendance was amazing and as I went through the feedback forms, I was extremely humbled by the testimonies of impacted lives.

As a club, we meet the first Friday of every month at Laico Regency at a cocktail fee of KES 2,000 promptly from 6pm to 8pm. Payments are made by the 20th of the previous month for logistical purposes. Avoid the last minute rush – we ended up locking out many from the “I Don’t Need A Job Seminar” because of late payments. The purpose of Sense 101 Club is to empower, coach and mentor members. Every month, we explore different contemporary topics in very inspiring approaches and guide members through one-on-one mentorship sessions. For Sense 101 Club members, the DVDs and learning materials are provided free of charge. For non-members who would want to be part of this life mentorship club, call 0725215711; 0702708175; 0721419430; or 0722278176 for bookings or email: info@shapeafrika.com


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer.

3 thoughts on “He Ignored Her Mid-Night Note…

  1. Betty says:

    ….wonderful Dr. Kinyanjui, i cant miss this for anything. I look forward. I attended the one day day workshop “I dont need a Job ” and for sure i am re-aligning myself. I feel equipped already, the buck stops with me. See you soon.

  2. Robert Wamwea says:

    Am interested.Keep me posted on 0722 930 556

  3. GREAT ARTICLE. Will want to join the club

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