30th Aug Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Leading Your Family

Have you been reduced from the family leader to the family sponsor? Paying the bills, fees and meeting their upkeep but not leading them? Did you lose your family because of a strange woman? Did you obey urges, cravings, passions and male instincts at the expense of timeless values, purpose and character?

If this describes you, you’ve lost your kingly position. Did you know scriptures challenge us to lead our families first before leading out there (1 Tim 3:5)? You can be doing well in your vocational performances but you fail the leadership test. True leadership ought to be all-rounded.

Are you offering moral, emotional, relational, financial, career, economic and spiritual leadership in your family? Did you know this duty is assigned to men in the scriptures (Eph 5:22-24)?

Leading a family is no mean feat. The challenges are many and complex but not necessarily unique. Leadership is ability to deal with challenges. Leadership is ability to weather the turbulences of the commoner and the storms of the mighty.

When you declare that you don’t want to handle challenges you’ve had it enough, in essence, you are relinquishing leadership. If you find her very challenging to live with you, test your leadership prowess by leading her anyhow. Promotion is a factor of effectively handling challenges at one level so that you graduate to higher challenges. The more the challenges, the greater the potential for growth in your leadership calling.

Leaders don’t shy away nor run away from challenges. You can’t influence that which you avoid. But you can’t lead others till you learn how to lead yourself first. If lusts, urges and cravings lead you, you ain’t a leader (yet). You should lead your passions and instincts, not vice versa.

From today’s perspective of a leader, are you a true leader?

The good news is that true leadership can be learned. This is my business this week Friday the 2nd Sept at KICC – Amphitheatre from 6pm to 8pm. Tomorrow I’ll focus on “Corporate Leadership.”


With Love,

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.


4 thoughts on “30th Aug Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Leading Your Family

  1. Caleb says:

    Very True, Leadership begins at home. Can manage a family, then am responsible enough to manage an Organisation.

  2. Fr. Stephen Mukami says:

    Hello Daktari congratulations for the wonderful work and strongly impacting mentorship talks and programs. Kindly share with me your office contacts. I would wish to partner with you in mentoring the youth in my parish church. God bless you.

  3. Masyuki Daniel says:

    I am pleased and more informed….

  4. steven ndengu says:

    Its very true that as a leader i have that kingly responsibility as well as the fatherly and priestly to my family .thanks

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