Let Them Go!!!

Let Them Go….

Are you holding on to a boyfriend who walked out on you? Let him go. Are you holding on to a relationship that constantly bruises your spirit? Let it go. Are you insisting on a high school or college friendship that constantly drains your energy? Let it go. Are you pursuing a girlfriend who betrayed you with your best friend? Or even a broken abusive marriage? Let it go. Most old relationships don’t believe in you. They view you with the sunglasses of yesterday. Holding on to them will constantly limit your possibilities and abort your earthly mission as you naturally tend to believe their negative views about you.

If someone walked out on you, s/he was not designed for your destiny. Your destiny is not tied to those who walked out on you…let them go. That doesn’t mean they are bad people. Not at all. Their role in your story is over. The play of your life rolls on. Don’t be left behind (in your own story) – you are the main actor. Holding on will weary you down. Their season in your life is over – move on. Your destiny is linked to new partnerships with the turn of every new leaf in your life.

We naturally resist change – hence the fear of death – the ultimate change. From a metaphysical perspective, matter can never be made nor destroyed; it’s only transformed from one form to another – hence the eternal change into immortality. No one can destroy you; except yourself. By hanging on to a past you have absolute no control over. We were designed to be on the move, engineered for new ventures and endowed with the capacity to reinvent ourselves. But too often, we insist on trodden paths, familiar grounds and accustomed relationships.

Holding on to an obsolete relationship abhors you from visualizing new doors, new opportunities, new friendships. As an individual, I seek to establish fresh relationships each season rather than regurgitating on past scenes in my play. That doesn’t mean I deliberately ruin old relationships, rather to focus on my growth. At times, we outgrow relationships and when this happens, relationships become stale and are reduced to petty gossips, jealous and envy and we lose sight of innovative ideas, mutual support and genuine encouragement.


Kinyanjui Nganga

Corporate Trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker

Shape Afrika, Nairobi-Kenya





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  1. Lis says:

    you write it in simple words but aint that easy. though inspiring

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