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From Ground Zero – Starting All Over Again

March 29, 2016

From Ground Zero – Starting All Over Again

Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck begins his bestselling book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’ with these words, ‘life is difficult’. Trouble comes in your life without an invitation. Regrettably, most of us go ballistic when trouble comes. We were never prepared to handle difficult situations. We had an all powerful mum or dad or both castling us from the worries of life, argues eminent motivational speaker and founder of Sense 101 Life Club, the fastest growing mentorship club in Africa, Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.

The difference between a ball and a marble is that a ball bounces back after a fall while a marble crashes. While we all go through trouble, the ability to bounce back depends on the material you are made of. Don’t crash after the fall. Anything worth having in life calls for a fight. Unfortunately, when hard times hit us, the majority of us complain, ‘why me?’ The real question is, ‘why not you?’ and ‘why another person?’ and ‘who told you that they are having it smooth all the way?’

We all go through all four seasons in life: good times (spring), very bright days…celebrations (summer), dull days…mild headaches (autumn) and very difficult seasons (winter). During heavy winters, at times, we all doubt ourselves. In this lesson, Dr. Kinyanjui takes you through life’s most important lesson during doldrums, starting all over again from ground zero. Don’t wish there were less problems, rather, prepare for winter. Learn to bounce back after a fall. Be thoroughly equipped with skills to start all over again after a crash, the seasoned speaker advices.

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