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Re-invent Yourself – the Art of Personal Branding

March 30, 2016

Re-invent Yourself – the Art of Personal Branding

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Peoples’ perceptions are their realities. While “self esteem” is how you look at yourself, “personal branding” is how others look at you, argues famed motivational speaker and founder of Sense 101 Life Club, the fastest growing mentorship club in Africa, Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.

If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand story for you. Personal branding is about managing your name. You cannot demand people to like you. Everything you do either adds up or subtracts your brand – your brand credibility.

Eighty percent (80%) of people around the world are not deliberate about their personal brand. If you don’t identify your brand, you’ll live below your privileges. You must be deliberate on your personal brand. Personal Branding works for job-seekers, entrepreneurs as well as the corporate world. Your brand is independent of what you do for a living. It cannot be fired.

In this life transforming lesson, Dr. Kinyanjui will help you define and reveal your brand. ‘Your brand reveals your life purpose’, he argues. In this lesson, you will be taught on enhancing your brand value through creating a strong brand proposition. A strong personal brand, like a magnet, attracts people to you. A good brand should stimulate emotions.

In addition, when you identify your personal brand, life becomes fulfilling – Work no longer conflicts with what you love and do. Who you are is reconciled with what you do. Further, resources pursue a brand. Success pursues a strong brand. Otherwise, you pursue success which can get very elusive.

11 thoughts on “Re-invent Yourself – the Art of Personal Branding

  1. Peter Opolot says:

    Simply amazing!

  2. GATHIRWA says:

    Very encouraging words.

  3. okwera James says:

    Inspirational!I feel the strong urge to self re-engineer my brand!
    Thank you.

  4. Daniel Ogutu says:

    that is a very nice comments here

  5. Luciana says:

    Great lesson sir, thank you.

  6. kibet victor says:

    changing words,thank you sir for such inspiration

  7. Pollyn cherop says:

    I guess this was what I have been waiting for. Good stuff, very educative and inspiring

  8. Ruth Maureen Gathoni says:

    “Who you are is reconciled with what you do..resources pursue a brand.. success pursues a strong brand.” Amazing.

  9. Julian Gakure says:


  10. Great words of wisdom, from one of our own. You seem to see through us. I purpose to make an informed decision.

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