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Secure Your Life in 90 Days

March 30, 2016

Secure Your Life in 90 Days

Have you had substantial accomplishments in the last 10 years? Have you lingered in one prolonged phase of life with no tangible evidence of growth? But your life is full of activities. Confusing being busy with meaning?

There comes a moment when you need to reflect and plan afresh to shift from routine to revealing results. One decision can alter the course of your entire life. Your destiny is inextricably bound to your choices. Your ultimate life-long goal influences your choices. Your choices dictate your daily habits. Your daily habits define your character. Research reveals that New Year resolutions that are not anchored on a lifetime commitment (goal) cannot last more than 17 days.

Goals, however, compete for the same time. Prioritizing helps you avoid drifting through life – abdicating for others to decide for you. Selection is the name of the game. Identifying the 20% of your efforts that deliver 80% returns on your inputs. To achieve your life goal, there will be no big reaps but many tiny steps, forward. Remember that the path of least resistance makes men and rivers crooked.

In this life transforming lesson, Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD, sensationally teaches on two complementary tools that he developed to help people achieve their goals in life, “Personal Accountability Matrix (PAM)” and “My Life Star”. These tools have been tested and proven and will certainly help you track your progress on a daily basis in 5 critical areas of your life: Mental, Relational, Career, Economic and Health. These tools will focus your energy along your natural inclinations, gifting, talents and aptitudes through journeying with a PAM partner.

3 thoughts on “Secure Your Life in 90 Days

  1. steve says:

    Great wisdom ,

  2. liz says:

    Nice i wish to join in the meetings . How does one go about

  3. sam says:

    with some people you spend the day bit with Kinyanjui nganga you invest it”..

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