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Why Men are Linear and Women are Cyclic

March 30, 2016

Why Men are Linear and Women are Cyclic

Men and women are diametrically different, argues celebrated motivational speaker, Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga. Each with custom made flaws matched by designer strengths. Sadly, the gender differences that attract us to each other during dating form the basis for conflict in a committed relationship. While there is no perfect relationship, we ought to recognize that marriage is work – it never naturally ‘works’.

Marriage, however, won’t solve any personal problem…in essence, marriage reveals unresolved personal issues. That’s why in core, marriage (as an institution) never fails; people fail. The good news is that people can deliberately learn how to harmoniously and joyfully live together by enjoying and celebrating gender differences.

This lesson, Why Men are Linear and Women are Cyclic, however, is not just for married people. In the market place, over 99.9% of all cases, you will either interact with a man or a woman. Appreciating gender differences, therefore, is paramount for the successful career person or corporate organization. Dr. Kinyanjui delivers the package in the most humorous environment humanly possible with such a high degree of expediency that defies description.

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