Prepare Your Child for an Ever Changing World


Sense 101 Life Club family, in today’s Daily Challenge, I’ll give you a glimpse of what is in store for you tomorrow, Friday the 5th August 2016 at KICC from 6pm to 8pm:-


Prepare Your Child for an Ever Changing World


By the grace of God, I’ll begin by examining a parent’s influence on her/his children. We will then encourage parents to allow children to grow at their own pace cognizant of their unique talents, gifting and interests without comparing them with others or coercing them to certain standards. We will then build a strong case on how to protect children emotionally and be candid with the outcomes of emotionally imbalanced children.


Afterwards, we’ll examine the ideal of role modelling and connecting with children. We’ll attempt to answer the all important question: where did parental time disappear to and how can we create quality time with our children? The increasing need for effective communication including the art of active listening and empathizing with children will not be overlooked in our discourse.


Subsequently, we’ll try to draw a line between rewarding children and bribing them in an attempt to encourage desired behaviour. At the same time, I’ll be as clear as I can be on the art of disciplining undesired behaviour for different ages and stages in a child’s development. While tools for reinforcing character will be given due justice, we’ll try to persuade parents that we ought to endeavour to be gifted good finders. To acknowledge the minute efforts that children display along their growth path since what we praise is more likely to flourish than what we condemn.


The make or break of a great family is a factor of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) much more than Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) and one of these beautiful first Fridays at KICC, I’ll indulge sensationally on this important life skill, E.Q. which I have taught in several corporate organizations. I’ll blend the theme of E.Q. by showcasing how to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ while raising kids through our actions but even more importantly, through our spoken words.


If you have ever heard me at any given moment, by now you might be guessing that I’m close to a fanatic when it comes to the power of the spoken word. There is no way I can walk through the thorny parenting conversation without profoundly indulging on the influence of spoken words in the future of children. For indeed our words are our bond; our words are our world.


Over the last three weeks, I’ve received several emails/texts/whatsapps from women who truly want their husbands to attend our forum tomorrow, Friday the 5th Aug @KICC. But they feel helpless. Unable to tag along their husbands to the conference. The most common accusation has been that the man is in alcoholism, infidelity and is a wife batter.  With this comes along absenteeism, passivity and financial unaccountability.


While your pain is real and your desire to see a flourishing family is real, in reality however, things don’t (just) happen. They are caused to happen. A lot of people have good intentions but they are not intentional. A lot of people want to improve their circumstances accidentally. Before you wave the white flag of surrender, is there something that you can do that you haven’t done before? The worst that could have happened to you is behind you anyway? You might as well try a new remedy.


This is my recommendation. Hard as it may sound to you given your circumstances and experience, give this advice a shot…do everything you know how within your hands and drag him to our conference tomorrow and leave the rest to God. You’ll have done your part.


Why should a man prefer the pub or another woman over you? Why act helpless with a man who fell in love with you? Come on! Pull every trick. Pull every button (acceptable in the sight of God). Refresh your memory on what makes him tick. What is at stake is too high? Swallow your pride and rescue your man. And thereby rescue your family from a run-away father. Two wrongs never make a right. Who is right is no longer important. Rather, what is right. Why watch your family go down the drain in your watch? What does she have that you lack? You are too sharp to fail on this test!


If you need to wear that banana smile tonight…please do

If you need to creatively spice up your marital bed tonight…please do

If you need to involve his close friend to invite him…please do

If you need to adore him tonight…you are well advised to do so


Is it going to be as easy as I am putting it? Not at all. But guess what? You’ll ether pay the price of investing in your family or pay the price of wishing things were better. To win in life, we don’t do the things that are convenient and easy; we do the things that are right albeit with dear price ahead.


A lot of men hide in different things because of the struggles of this life. They are beaten by life from all sides. Demeaned by a boss in the office. Frustrated in business deals. Lectured by pastors, speakers and principals during school meetings or other gatherings. Ignored in the evening by the woman who is supposed to cushion their hearts from reaching a break point.


Eventually, some retreat to the intoxicating bottle or to the seducing stripper. After which the woman complains about her absent man. (Ladies, take this very kindly. Avoid being defensive and seek the lesson out of what we have observed and are teaching with a lot of love).


While I have taught on parenting in more than 100 sessions over the years and my videos on the same watched around the world, I have not taught this topic before at Sense 101 Life Club. In all likelihood, we are not planning to repeat this topic in 2016 and in 2017. This could be your family lifetime opportunity. This could be your eureka moment – your turn around opportunity as a family.


People go through seasons. The good news is that seasons don’t last. Unfortunately majority of us seem to be clueless on how to handle someone when he strays. We easily sink low to their level and everyone’s goose gets cooked. Partners should support each other like bicycle paddles, the paddle at the top helps lift the one at the bottom and they interchangeably keep helping each other throughout the riding period.


Are you willing to be the one to lift up your partner for better parenting?



With Love,


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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