Perhaps the only place of refuge from the dangers surrounding us on a daily basis is in the prison.  Ideally, the prison is supposed to be a safe haven free from robbery, burglary, mugging, rape, assault, battering and terrorism and such like societal ills.  But would you really want to be a permanent prisoner?


While employment offers relative security from business loss, hardly do individuals reveal themselves in a permanent job situation. With all its merits, employment has a way of sucking your creative energy away. Employment has the ability to gradually destroy your self confidence as a creative being to a dependant mindset.


In the sense that, employment makes majority of the employed believe that they must depend on a job to make ends meet. Dependant on an employer for survival. Empowering an individual or individuals packaged in a corporate face to determine your worth at any given moment. Relinquishing your God-given innovative abilities at the altar of the free man who chose (himself) to prison break. An individual whom you have empowered to determine where you live, where you take your children to school and where and when you go for holiday.


While you may want to be defensive on this matter as an employee, the harsh reality dwells inside of you that you are literally in prison. How can I have the audacity to make such startling remarks? You see, ladies and gentlemen, in a prison, someone decides when you wake up; when you clean up; where and when you sleep; when and what you eat; who you meet; where and when you sleep; and what you wear.


In prison, your life is an extremely confined space where your creative imagination is restricted. You just can’t do what you feel like.


As an employee, let’s face it. Someone decides when you wake up, when you clean up, where you sleep, where you eat, who you meet and when you sleep among countless concerns. You just can’t wake up when you feel like. You just can’t go to the gym when you feel like. You just can’t switch off your phone when you feel like. Many organizations have a standard dress code but almost all of them determine how much an employee can afford to wear.


In today’s open office policy, your privacy as a human being has now gone with the birds as employees are marshalled together in a hall like working space. Some corporate organizations have taken it to a whole new level, ‘hot-desking’ where cabinets are fixed on the wall for personal belongings and free-seating arrangement where employees don’t even own laptops. They sit at whatever desk is free and log in to whichever laptop is free.


A very good arrangement for the employer who can monitor all his employees at a glance besides cost-cutting operational expenses. Obviously an employee cannot take a power nap when he feels like in such a work environment. To dash out of the office or even to rush a child to hospital, one has to be cleared.


The harsh reality that most employees do not want to face is the fact that the salary you are given determines where you live, which restaurants you visit and your lifestyle as a whole.


There’s someone reading this article who would want to prison break but he can’t. While this employee knows pretty well that his capacity is much greater than his current income, he’s bound by a real mortgage, school fees and an attractive medical scheme. These prison shackles ought to be broken. While your fears and concerns are valid, there comes a time when the risk to remain in the bud is more painful than the risk to blossom.


You were never meant to be in a permanent job situation. Your job was supposed to give you seed capital, experience and start-off networks. Get that sucker off your life, prison break and be ye deployed into your life purpose. For how long shall you live with the threat of being fired? Until when shall someone determine your lifestyle?


Disclaimer: there will always be employees in this life. Factually, they will always fill the lower echelons of the pyramid of life since their numbers will always overshadow the employers. As such, this article is only dedicated to the few who desire to prison break and exercise their infinite creative imagination as job creators. People who can’t afford to live any longer under the threats of being fired.


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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club

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