Redefine Yourself

Redefine Yourself

Last evening, Friday the 4th March 2016 from 6 to 8, in an exceptionally inspiring setting, we decisively examined, Re-invent Yourself – the art of personal branding, at Laico Regency Hotel.
Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Peoples’ perceptions are their realities. While “self esteem” is how you look at yourself, “personal branding” is how others look at you.

If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand story for you. Personal branding is about managing your name. You cannot demand people to like you. Everything you do either adds up or subtracts your brand – your brand credibility.

Eighty percent (80%) of people around the world are not deliberate about their personal brand. If you don’t identify your brand, you’ll live below your privileges. You must be deliberate on your personal brand. Personal Branding works for job-seekers, entrepreneurs as well as the corporate world. Your brand is independent of what you do for a living. It cannot be fired.

A strong personal brand, like a magnet, attracts people to you. A good brand should stimulate emotions. In addition, when you identify your personal brand, life becomes fulfilling – Work no longer conflicts with what you love and do. Who you are is reconciled with what you do. Further, resources pursue a brand. Success pursues a strong brand. Otherwise, you pursue success which can get very elusive.

Could be that you are literally lost among people crowding the lower echelons of the pyramid of success? What do you really want to be known for? Conformity is the enemy of personal branding. Personal branding is aligning who you are with what you do – marketing the product ‘you’.

Scientifically speaking, the odds were infinite against your existence. Your very being is a miracle. I gave overwhelming statistics to support this argument. No two humans are genetically identical. Even monozygotic twins, who develop from one zygote, have infrequent genetic differences due to mutations occurring during development and gene copy-number variation. Differences between individuals are the key to techniques such as genetic fingerprinting (DNA testing or DNA profiling).

Trying to be someone else, therefore, is an insult to your being. An insult to your personal brand. As author and playwright, Oscar Wilde argues, be yourself, everyone else is already taken. You express your brand best when you are yourself. Never be an imposter. Better be a nerd than be part of a herd. Nothing threatens a corrupt system than a free mind. Sometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.

If you celebrate your differences, the world will, too. Having a low opinion of yourself is not ‘modesty’. It’s self destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not ‘egotism’. It’s a necessary condition for greatness. As publisher Malcolm Forbes would put it, too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.

How then do you identify your personal brand? How do you increase your brand value? What will make people look for you? Remember that if they don’t look for you, this could imply that they don’t value you that much. How do you craft your brand proposition? How do you package yourself as a brand? What are the features of a strong brand? What is the price of building a strong brand? How do you seal your brand legacy? And finally, how do you reveal your personal brand?

You see, your personal brand reveals your purpose in life. Without identifying your life purpose, you will walk aimlessly around this life like a headless chicken. All the above queries were convincingly and inspirationally addressed in last evening’s SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB forum. If you were not part of our forum last evening, you can see how much you are missing.

I recognize that there are people who are reading this article and live far away from Nairobi, Kenya and would have preferred to be part of last night’s live audience that benefited first hand from the vital life skills. Still others couldn’t make it due to various important assignments.

I will encourage such to call 0718315551 for a copy of the DVD entitled, “Re-invent Yourself”. This DVD and the one for last month forum, “No Man Stands Alone” are not yet available on YouTube. But you can listen to some of our previous recordings on YouTube like, “Secure Your Life in 90 Days” free of charge by searching: Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.

Remember that you are where you are mainly because of what goes on in your mind. Be deliberate about learning. In your self interest, join our SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB for your personal growth and development where we train, coach and mentor on life skills. We meet the first Friday of every month from 6pm to 8pm at Laico Regency Hotel to examine critical life skills.

Our next forum will be on Friday the 1st April 2016 and we will focus on: “From Ground Zero”.

Are you at your lowest level in your career? Are you at your lowest level in your finances? Are you at your lowest level in your relationships? Are you at your lowest level in your health? Are you at your lowest level in your business? Are you feeling fatigued, tired, exhausted and worn out? Are you in dire need to regain lost momentum? Are you in severe need for someone to journey with you? This forum is for you on how to re-start again and gain lost momentum. I have your fresh message on how you can re-launch yourself.

Register for our April forum through Mpesa Till number 983482 (Buy Goods & Services). To confirm your reservation, call 0718315551 / 0721419430 / 0722278176 or email Gate fee, however, is KES 1,200. In addition, you can subscribe to receive free inspirational articles.

And you can chose to become a member of SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB by paying a one-off subscription fee of KES 1,000 whereby you will be given our learning materials and DVDs free of charge as well as enjoy various discounts and attendance on complimentary basis as and when announced. By joining SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, you will network with over 200 professionals from across East Africa and you can even display your products/services on availed marketing desks at a nominal fee.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Chief Mentor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Conference Speaker.

SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB – Inspiring Generations

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  1. Peris says:

    Wow!!!awesome Dr. Kinyanjui i missed last night but i ve learnt alot from the posting….i will join n be a member….the teachings are great…keep up the great work n may God always bless you as you mentor us to become better us!!!

  2. Most welcome to SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, Peris, and kindly share the article. But believe me, if you were there in the meeting, your personal brand story would be totally different now…come and witness. Thanks.

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