Rise up from your pity party

Rise up from your pity party

Yesterday, Brazil suffered perhaps the worst defeat in the history of world cup for a nation that has enjoyed a head start in football. While some are flippant that Alshabab has taken responsibility among other witticisms, some are pointing to the absence of their injured forward, Neymar and suspended captain and defensive Linchpin Thiago Silva. While it’s true the absence of good players affects team performance, the dismal performance points, in my view, to a more complex underlying issue – pity party. Since Germany didn’t have it that easy even with Ghana, chances are very high that the Brazilian team suffered phobia with the spinal injury of Neymar and, unconsciously, went into a pity party, which Germany exploited to the full – history will judge my construal.

Far too often, as individuals, we too suffer from pity party after suffering defeat in an endeavour. We look for sympathisers to console us. In our low moments, we tend to imagine the rest are sailing through with ease. Whenever you suffer blow in life, at the earliest opportune possible, rise up, dust off and move on. Every great person who ever made it had to move beyond the prevailing circumstances and press on through a turbulent journey in tempestuous times. Notice the Germans didn’t care whether the Brazilians were wounded – on the contrary, they took advantage. That’s life. It wounds the bruised – don’t give it such a chance by mourning a past failure.

You cannot turn back the hands of time. Burry the dark past in the sea of forgetfulness. Focus on what you can change. Not what you cannot change. While you have absolute no control over your past, you have significant control over the present which determines tomorrow’s outcomes. Someone put is so eloquently, “what lies before us and behind us are tiny matters in comparison with what lies within us”.

Kinyanjui Nganga

Corporate Trainer,Author and Motivational Speaker

Shape Afrika, Nairobi-Kenya




One thought on “Rise up from your pity party

  1. Monica Gikaru says:

    Well said Doc, no more pity party but to stand up , shake off the dust of failure and move on.By the time one retires to bed a reflection of the whole day will always act as pointer of failure or success
    God bless you Doc and may he continue enriching you with wisdom

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