Stand out & Conquer your Mountain – or – Fit in and Dwell Among Moles.

Stand Out & Conquer your Mountain – or – Fit in and Dwell Among Moles.

mountain1_2625884kFor thousands of years, it was never believed that anyone can summit The Everest. Many tried but gave up along the way, others were maimed and others died. But on May the 29th, 1953, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, a former New Zealand bee keeper, conquered The Everest. But did he really conquer the Everest? Had the mountain changed? Or the human mind? Did he conquer the mountain or the human limitation?

Since time immemorial, it was never believed that any human being could run a mile (1,609.344 metres) in less than 4 minutes. Popular belief suggested that the human heart would explode and the human body couldn’t manage such intense pressure. In 1954, Rogger Bannister, a 25-year old neurologist managed to run a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds following rigorous practice. In the same year, 9 other athletes ran the mile in less than 4 minutes. Sixty years after the world’s first sub-four-minute miler broke the record, hundreds of athletes have far outran that limit. Did the human body change or the human mental limitation?

Isn’t it interesting that someone is stranded about paying house rent in 2015 while someone else landed on the moon in 1969? Someone cannot visualize herself with a college degree when another son of Adam conquered polio in 1952….someone is complaining that he has no capital for business while another one is putting up a 35 Billion (KES) cement factory in Kitui in 2015. Someone cannot visualize buying an already existing industrial plant from China to manufacture, say, insulators, while another one helped us to fly way back in 1903. Another one is complaining about fierce competition from too big giants like EABL while another lady, yes, a Kenyan lady and a friend of mine, Tabitha Karanja, has decided EABL is too big to miss identifying their performance gaps in the industry.

In this season, resolve, as a son/daughter of this universe, far more amazing than the stars above and the colossal blue waters beneath, no less than the ‘great achievers’ of our time, that you will stretch your imagination beyond your current limits. Throughout history, all those who achieved greatness began by believing that they can achieve the ‘unachievable’ – they never settled for the limited known. Stand out, don’t try to fit in any more. Challenge conventions. Identify and conquer your mountain and release the mystery you were designed before time began. Glorify your Creator by manifesting yourself. The entire world is groaning, in earnest expectation, solemnly longing for your manifestation. And He, yes, your Maker, in agreement with your resolve, is well able to do abundantly, above all that you can ever think, say or imagine. Let your brilliance stand out and dwell among the stars like The Eagle.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and an Author.

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    Just what i needed to read.thnks

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