Starting All Over Again

At 5 this morning, while lying on a hospital bed in a HDU unit of the Agakhan Hospital, Dr. Paul Wangai Jr., the most humorous doctor I have ever met, told me, “It’s too late to choose your mother. The genes have already been passed.” I had just finished my usual swimming exercise at 5pm last Sunday when I developed severe breathing complications. I have never been hospitalized before in my lifetime.

Eleven days ago (11th March 7pm), I posted an article, From Ground Zero, which has at the writing of this current article, attracted 86,000 views, 345 shares and 260 comments. I laboured in hard to encourage my (over 32,000) FB fans who may be at their lowest not to lose hope but to gather the courage and rise again. Just a month ago, I encouraged a very dear friend of mine who had just been hit by a catastrophic situation that he will go through the temporal season, victoriously. It is (just) a life stop sign (perhaps) to help him slow down and reflect on the meaning of life.

Here I was preaching this message as though I (myself) lived above life. Then arrested by a sudden ailment. In that article, From Ground Zero, I even alluded to the fact that Mr. Trouble comes without an invitation in the most unexpected moments. He wears various caps like sickness, death, job loss, separation, betrayal, bankruptcy, accident, terror attack, robbery, rape, rejection, exam failure, police brutality and imprisonment among many more.

Truth be told, I had prepared a very compelling message on how folks can start all over again from ground zero. Ready for a convincing presentation in our April 1st forum at Laico Regency. But the message was largely based on real life examples of how ‘others’ hit rock bottom and started all over again from ground zero to heights they never dreamt possible. I had a whole line up from sports, business, health, career, finances and relationships on what ‘others’ did to rise from the ashes.

As I was being tested on a wide range of ailments from cardio vascular complications, kidney failure, chest blood clot, neural disorders and such like, a couple of lessons dawned on me during my ‘forced’ bed rest.

First, never waste pain. When you go through pain, you can either come out better or bitter. Don’t just go through pain, grow through pain. Every struggle makes you that much stronger. Seek to learn the life lesson in every circumstance you find yourself in.

For instance, I checked on my nutrition, exercised regularly and maintained a positive mental attitude. And perhaps, unconsciously, I put my health hopes and trust on my personal efforts. My personal lesson in the last three days is that while I will continue to play my role matters health, God has the final say. Him alone can keep us whole.

Secondly, you can only effectively teach what you’ve experienced. While one can authoritatively teach what they haven’t experienced, going through an experience is a game changer. While I have confronted myriad challenges in my past, I haven’t had any ‘major’ challenge, so to speak, in my recent history. And perhaps God wanted me to empathize with the wounded as I seek out to convey the message of hope that He has laid in my heart. Graciously, I feel healthier now than a racing horse.

Thirdly, when you are still flourishing, team up with a closely knit support system. The time will come when you can’t take it anymore. When you are at the breaking point and you can hardly notice the emergency exit door. You are fully stretched to your limit. While in such a situation, when you need prayers the most, you are the least qualified for intercession.

Connections give life meaning. While we crave intimacy, we fear vulnerability. While we crave acceptance, we fear rejection. We are afraid of being exposed. We build walls. The more insecure, the more defensive we become trying to be above things.

Break those relational barriers and deliberately look for companion – you are a product of your relationships. There is a cloud of witnesses that cheers you on. Many who went ahead of us never received the promise. But they stayed the course. Hang in there. You are not alone. Through the power of prayers in your quiet moments, you will always sense inner power at work within you even at your lowest point. Seek to connect with the infinite source. He stays closer than a brother.

I reiterate, you will certainly need someone else to stand in the gap on your behalf. The concern, warmth and love that I received from the Sense 101 Life Club family defies description. A prayer wave was mobilized in seconds on my admission. And while the doctor had put me on oxygen, whatsapp texts of goodwill began to stream endlessly. Followed by visits. The moral support rejuvenated my health on the admission night and all along stayed on the doctor’s insistence.

Caution, while you will need people to stand by you, don’t allow anybody to lay hands on you. Don’t allow anyone to speak into your life. Some might be speaking (pouring) out of their bitterness.

Finally, let go the past. At times, it takes someone leaving you for you to realize that you didn’t need them in the first place. Don’t waste time with what you cannot change – don’t waste time on what is already dead. Focus on what you can change.

Remember that nobody quits when they are in control – trouble begins when everything falls apart. Things get out of control. It must never be lost on you that fights began before you were born. All good will be attacked. Accept full responsibility. Life consists 5% of what happens to you and 95% of how you respond to what happens.

Therefore, work harder on yourself than on your job. Being broken doesn’t change your value. Crash a money bill and trample it underfoot, it doesn’t change its value. Storm occurs before you get into a new territory to stop you from getting there. In the menu of life, there are limitless possibilities – the closure of one door can be the opening of a better door.

Could you be reading this article and you are on the verge of defeat? You can’t take it anymore? You’ve tried to hold on long enough but you are now losing it? You are just about to wave the white flag of surrender? You are now losing your patience to keep your calm? Stretched beyond limit?

While people see you in terms of your mistakes, problems and past failures, God sees the promise in you. He sees your potential. While people judge you after your performance, God looks at you in terms of your potential. If this describes you, you need a 3600 turn around. You need an open heart surgery. You need emotional healing. I have your life giving message. You need a fresh start – starting all over again from ground zero.

Many people are anxious to improve their circumstances but they are not willing to improve themselves. The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Be equipped for your journey. Things that happen to you and around you shape your identity. You are a product of stress, shock, crisis, pressures, pains, traumas and problems that come your way. Don’t wish for less problems, work for more life skills. Don’t wish it was easier, work to be stronger and better. Don’t try to stop the rains, carry an umbrella. If you change your inside; your outside will change. Refuse to pay the price of ignorance – it’s too costly.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Chief Mentor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Conference Speaker.

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  1. Gitau Wamukui says:

    This is even more powerful and real coming from you own experience

  2. Jane njoka says:

    Thank you so so much Dr Kinyanjui. Very inspirational and informative .Blessings

  3. Angela says:

    I hope you are feeling better now

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