Stop Losing Money

Stop Losing Money

You are a free moral choice. Reflection changes experience into insight. I want to take you through an incisive reflective discourse today. Whiners look for amusement in my articles, winners look for lessons in life. When whiners don’t get entertained, they complain. On the other hand, winners don’t make choices based on feelings. Rather, purpose. While motivation keeps us going, discipline keeps us growing.

Everything in life is permissible but not everything is beneficial. We have all made financial mistakes. We have all lost some opportunities in our past. We all err. Don’t fight corrections. We all have inherent custom-made flaws. Don’t fall into the trap of know-it-all. Be humble enough to learn. Only fools graduate from learning. Be the incurable learner. Strength is demonstrated by ability to accept and learn from your mistakes…and move on. Humility is being honest with your weaknesses, not denying your strengths.

The world is full of educated hoodwinks. Just like drug addiction, you get out of bad debts in the same manner you acquired the habits…your company leads that pack. Wisdom is knowing when to delay gratification. However, while making choices to live, do not forget to live. Remember that we were designed to live abundantly, not sufficiently. Draw a line between what you need and what you want. Prioritize on what you need. Never tie your lifestyle to styles – styles keep changing. Tie your lifestyle to timeless values. They stay put.

Join me in examining 5 steps on mastering your money – thereby avoiding the habitual lifestyle of losing your money.

Step 1: Be Positive – Banks only lend money to people who prove that they don’t need it. Even individuals lend to people they are sure are capable of repaying. Yet over 95% of the population don’t have money 100% of the time. The only place where you can find money all the time is in the dictionary. Borrowing, however, should not make you feel any less worth than you were when you were debt free. You must never sacrifice your self-worth on account of debt burden.  Or Flinch in the face of your lenders. However, prioritize on clearing debts or/and bills that can compromise your self esteem. Recall the golden rule? Those with the gold, make the rules. Actually, it is written, ‘the rich rules over the poor and the borrower is a servant to the lender.’

As a country, we are in an unprecedented season of destroying the dreams of our children through reckless spending. Borrowing into the future without bounds. You see, politicians focus on the next elections. Leaders focus on the next generation. Nations, just like families can only live so long beyond their productivity.  As a country, and as individuals, we must develop the capacity to control our appetites.

Nonetheless, we have a choice to make.  To remain optimistic or to throw hopes into the doldrums. Do you see the Big Picture or the Bad Picture? Many people plan to be disappointed by their finances and they end up not disappointed by their plans. While things that happen to you and around you shape your destiny, your habitual thoughts are your identity.  Challenge your pessimistic thoughts or they will dominate your life. Be response-able. Not reactive.

Step 2: Embrace Growth – If you are good, you will get there. Focus on the finishing line but enjoy the journey. A Roman rhetorician from Hispania, Marcus Fabius observed, ‘nothing is more dangerous to man than a sudden change of fortune.’ King Solomon of Ancient Israel once said, ‘Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint…Pr 23:4’. It is arguably that he was one of the richest men of all time. So, he wasn’t fighting prosperity. His message, rather, was that the focus should be on our mission and not on riches.

Wealth follows a life with a mission. Those endeared for quick riches either end up dead or dead broke. Many people are anxious to improve their circumstances but they are not willing to improve themselves. Many people have good intentions but they are not intentional. They hope to succeed inadvertently. Growth has never been automatic. Embrace growth.

 Step 3: Run Your Race – Don’t compete with others. Matters finance, don’t be a travel agent pointing to people where you’ve never been. Learn to lead yourself first by stopping to compete with perceived competitors. Stick to your mission in life. Frustrations borne out of a desire to outshine others is the very sea bed of depression. Life is full of challenges. When you compete with nobody, you eliminate unnecessary stress.  When you engage a competition gear, you’ll succumb to undercutting others. Every whenever you try to push someone down, it makes you to stoop. Contrastingly, when you try to lift others, it pushes you to higher grounds! Greatness is not being on the fast lane, but on your track. Finishing your race. And finishing strong.

Step 4: Don’t Quit – In your downtimes, don’t quit. Remember, hurt people, hurt. Be wary of wounded friends. At times, they blame you for what you have no clue. Keep off negative energy. Seek meaningful relationships. Help the ailing where you can cautiously lest they throw loads of baggage on you. Don’t criticize other people’s lifestyles and don’t waste your energy proving someone else is wrong. Give them the benefit of doubt. Resist from being judgemental. You too live in a glass house.

Yes, lots of people walk out on you during your trying moments. But never lose the fact that you never lose friends. In reality, you get to know who your true friends are. Never live your life without a chance NOT to fail. Not failing in itself is an indication that you are doing nothing – which is another name for failure. Keep  trying your hand in business. In your career progress. Don’t black out. Don’t obliterate. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t sign defeat. Don’t give up. Keep on keeping on – you will make it.

Step 5: Be Happy – Happiness is a choice. Has nothing to do with what you have or do not have. Our own self rejection is what turns people away. In true sense, not what we are going through.  You see, we crave for intimacy but we fear vulnerability. We crave for acceptance but we fear rejection. Please understand that your connections give life meaning. Not money. Connect, therefore, with fellow humans and with God. That’s the only guarantee to true riches, wealth, health and happiness.  Disconnection with God yields fear. Fear of the future. Fear of unknown.  No wonder it is written, ‘there is no peace for the wicked.’

Building walls is a symptom of insecurity. To keep people off your dark spots. This behaviour makes you easily provoked and aggressively defensive. Trying hard to prove that all is well. When in essence, your ship is sinking.

While money won’t make you happy, lack of it may. That’s why you must never allow life to happen to you. Challenge your mental limitations about abundant living. While greed is a vice, ambition is a virtue. Focus on what you want, not on what you fear. Our own fears often become self fulfilling.  Don’t slave your life away for a pay check. Visualize yourself as an employer supporting many families – and walk towards that path. The un-trodden path. The narrow path. The path of winners. The path of least resistance makes men and rivers crocked.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Life Coach, Mentor, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker


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  1. It’s such a inspiring info.God bless you Dr and have long life.

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