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Sunday 11th Sept Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Are You Sincerely Happy?

✨Are you dissatisfied with your earnings? Struggling to make ends meet through a couple of meagre streams of income just in case one of them will flourish? Are you barely making ends meet from debt to debt to the extent there are people you are avoiding because of what you owe them?

✨Could you be disturbed by these words because you are embarrassed you cannot adequately provide to your family? When people are called upon to give, you tail off to cover your shame? Seems now you live in self doubt and your esteem has been injured due to constant failure. Seems like every project/business you try fails. Employers too shy away from you.

✨Or could you be employed earning a decent income but there’s a real conflict between who you are with what you do? Could you be celebrated by those around you both at home and in the market place but few people know how much you have to endure an abusive boss? But you can’t quit since you have no other way to survive. You live in fear of being fired more that you would want to admit.

✨The commitments are too heavy to take any risks. From paying school fees to servicing mortgages and clearing a couple of ‘smaller’ multiple loans. While you are fully aware that the years are passing by, the stakes are too high. At times you wonder why you had to acquire too much education. Pursuing several courses each year to enhance your odds of success in the competitive market. You’ve been a professional student for the better part of your life.

✨Or could you be one rare type that is relatively stable financially with relative financial security and wondering…what next? Is this what life is all about? You can’t find meaning again in what you do. You sense the need to live for a higher calling. While you’ve made a significant contribution in the society, there is something inside of you that desires to be unleashed. But you can’t tell yet in clear terms and language what this is all about. You just sense some dissatisfaction within you.

✨Are you truly happy? Are you sincerely happy with your life? Are you fulfilled?

(Please stop reading further and respond to this last question: are you sincerely happy? Please do not side chat me today. Respond through this whatsapp group and pour your heart. Your plight perhaps presents the majority suffering silently and you might help someone else unmask.)

✨What I worked hardest on never bore results…I got doors that I never knocked breakthrough in abundance when I aligned with my Maker’s Master Plan.

✨Truth be told, you’ll only find fulfilment in this life:-

1) When you align who you are with what you do. When you meet yourself. When you discover your true identity. When you find yourself. After years of struggle, I found myself. Your time will limit me today in sharing with you the freedom I encountered. Unparalleled fulfilment.

2) When you discover your purpose in life. Till you discover your ‘why’, you’ll live a life of struggle. Chasing after money. Chasing after things that escape you all the more. Every year you live not aligned to the Master Plan for your life is experimental and wasted.

3) When you follow your purpose. This comes through a clear cut out design that keeps you on track in pursuit of this one thing.

Destiny = Design + Direction.

I have a model that delivers destiny, 100% of the time based on that life formula.

✨Most people want shortcuts to their destiny and I love them enough NOT to agree to give them shortcuts. Some recognize the need for this self discovery journey but they feel investing in the Sense 101 Nile Cruise is too expensive a venture. Although they have bought ‘plots’ worth KES 170,000 in various places or spent the same in a wedding, pyramid scheme or failed business.

✨The self discovery journey cannot happen in our monthly plenary sessions. The forums are triggers for you to engage more with your destiny. We’ve got to move this conversation from a seminar set-up to a workshop scenario. From a monologue to a dialogue cross-examination of what your Master Plan is all about. That’s why it cannot be a hurried process as some wish.

✨It’s an integrated checkpoint that analyses and aligns your personality, identity, brand, talents, gifting, skills and experiences against your purpose in life followed by a clear action plan to execute destiny. An eye opener to who you truly are followed by a work-plan to deliver the promise you.

✨Seated on a carpet in a meditation mood under the cool breezes of the greatest river on the face of the earth where they found Moses, we’ll have self-discovery morning sessions for 3 days. As the others play and enjoy life in the afternoons, I’ll personally schedule to meet individuals in the afternoons and early evenings, one by one. Every voyager must encounter herself/himself in this exploration. No more stumbling through life hopeless and meaningless.

✨Let me also make it clear that this is the only self-discovery journey I’ll take people out for free. Absolutely free of charge. Those who will go afterwards will meet some reasonable facilitation fees. With 170K, you’ll enjoy 3 full boards in a luxury ship at the great river Nile; 3 nights full board in Cairo (total 6 nights); visit to the pyramids (carry proper sun glasses for the 3 fun-days); return air tickets; and VISA expenses.

✨We are only able to get this offer because of our numbers and we glad many people so far have paid up. We are closing the booking 50% fees of the total cost 30th of this month. For more details, get in touch with 0722 278176 / 0718 315551.

✨Meantime, let’s gear up for our next monthly release at KICC on Friday the 7th Sept from 6pm to 8pm whereby we will examine, “Overcome Self Doubt”.
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 11th Sept Daily Sense with Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Are You Sincerely Happy?

  1. George says:

    That’s great Dr. Have bn reading your updates on Facebook but unfortunately have not managed to attend even one workshop but am planning for the same. Do you have discounts for groups???

  2. Esther Njoki Mwangi says:

    Thats encouraging have struggled with all the above mentioned struggles i would want help in discovering whom iam i

  3. Cyrus Ndungi says:

    I would like to attend one of the forums.

  4. Kenneth says:

    Great reading

  5. fredrick says:

    dr i like to be updated concerning the 14th sept 2016 event at nyeri green hills

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