The Greatness of a Man

The Greatness of a Man

Perhaps one of my most fulfilling moments in recent times was my interaction with men in Nakuru last weekend in a conference hosted by Pastor Andrew, JCC Nakuru organized in an interdenominational set-up. Following the awesome response that I received from this refreshing professional men’s cocktail, I would wish to briefly highlight to my fans on social media the five key measures of the greatness of a man which I shared on:

1)      Great men have a sense of mission – every great man has a cause to live and die for; a sense of mission that transcends the fear of failure, controversy or the mere pursuit of (just) payment of bills and unhealthy competition with peers; great men live for a higher ideal and do not succumb to the temptations of a common man.

2)      Great men role model their children – great men do not (just) tell their children what to do; they lead them in what to do. They lead from the front. They live their lives conscious that a father’s influence lasts to the fourth generation after him.

3)      Great men love their wives – every great man loves his wife according to her definition of love; not his definition, so much that her submission to his leadership is not through coercion, rather it is her response to his unconditional love. He recognizes that the greatest gift he will ever give his children is to love their mother.

4)      Great men leave a legacy behind – great men realize that what they do for themselves die when they die; what they do for others outlive them. They make an impact in the society of which they are a part of; they (just) don’t live for themselves and by themselves. Greatness is not measured by how many people serve you; rather, how many people you serve.

5)      Great men submit to a higher authority – great men recognize their human limitations and submit to the ultimate source of their strength; they connect with the Greatest Man. At the same time, they honour their superiors with great pride. Until you learn to submit to higher authorities, you will never reach your ultimate greatness.

To all the great men who follow me on social media: you are designed for greatness; engineered for greatness and endowed with the seeds of greatness. Be all you can ever be by the grace of Christ, the Greatest Man that ever lived and who set for us the definitive model of greatness.

For the couples who are available this coming Saturday the 21st June 2014, join me at the Methodist Guest House at 5.30pm for a couples dinner hosted by Rev. Esther Obasike.  In perhaps the most practical and thought provocative session on marital relationships that you have ever attended, I will share on why men are linear and women cyclic. You still have another opportunity to join us on Friday the 4th of July 2013 at JCC for a fancy couples dinner hosted by Bishop and Rev. Kiuna.


Kinyanjui Nganga

Corporate Trainer,Author and Motivational Speaker

Shape Afrika, Nairobi-Kenya


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