The Past is Behind You!

The Past is Behind You!

Hi pals, the past is behind you. Today I urge you, take full responsibility for your destiny by being in control of your day, today! No one holds your future from you. Stop blaming a broken relationship. Stop blaming an irresponsible father. Stop blaming a frustrating boss. Stop blaming a past that you have no control over. Recognize that if it is up-to be, it is up-to you; and you alone. One of the greatest insight that you will ever garner in this land of the living is the fact that you cannot control circumstances around you but you can control how you respond to circumstances. Undoubtedly, life is unfolding as it was originally designed. It is up-to you to align your life-path with the options availed by Mother-Nature. In the vast universe, you are no less than the stars above nor the gold owners. Learn to encourage yourself. While it is okey to have someone pat your back, never live in this life expecting support to always come your way. Happiness is hidden somewhere in managing expectations. No human being can ever make you happy – happiness is a personal choice. There are people who thought marriage will give them happiness…there are people who thought owning a house will make them happy… there are people who even thought that owning a certain car will strike the happiness mine…and, obviously after acquiring all these items, such people awoke to a rude awakening – happiness is not found in material things. Happiness resides within us by finding joy in what we do. Enjoying the process rather than just the end product. Enjoying the journey rather than the destination. Take charge of the day called TODAY.


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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  1. Melanie says:

    Encouraging eye opening.

    1. Thank you Melanie and kindly share the articles with others.

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