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The Sense 101 Nile Cruise

Precious Sense 101 Life Club family,

We have had several new members who’ve joined us since we announced the Sense 101 Nile Cruise. For their sake…

The Sense 101 Nile Cruise

The Sense 101 Great River Nile Cruise will be from Monday the 10th to Sunday the 16th April 2017 for a lifetime Self Discovery voyage.

We’ll spend the first and the last two nights at Cairo and three days at the Great Nile Waters. While the morning sessions at the Great River Nile Waters will be learning lessons, we will make it very lively and relaxed.

In sports clothes, I add. All afternoons and evenings will be bonding moments through various creative activities. Play time as well, I inject. Chess players, let’s face it off at the twilights. No doubt some girls may want to play kati under moonlight.

Those who wish to come along with their children like my Mercy and I; Dennis & Rachael; Linet & Amos; Susan and Miriam are well advised that children will be charged at 75% of the cruise cost per child (below 12 years).

The cost per person sharing is 170K while the cost for those who wish not to share rooms will be 190K per person.

This cost is inclusive of:-

💡Return Air Ticket (Nairobi – Cairo)

💡6 Nights Full Board

💡 3-Days Nile Cruise

💡 VISA charges

💡 Visit to the Great Pyramids

Everything in life has a cost. Learning has a cost and so does ignorance. Nothing good in life comes free. We are dedicating this lifetime event to discover our tree and stop wondering through life frustrated.

We are dedicating this voyage to “finding my place” in our pilgrimage in the days of our lives.

The truth is that if you do not discover your purpose in life, you will chase after money and meander through life broke, frustrated and unfulfilled.

If you find your tree (purpose), resources will pursue you. Vision attracts success. People don’t give people money; they invest in a vision guided by a life of purpose.

I’ll briefly explain this concept of the tree next week Fri 2nd Sep in our Personal Leadership forum at KICC.

That’s why I will make the learning experience experiential, pragmatic and intense but interesting, appealing, fascinating, fun, lively and out of the ordinary.

Yes, we shall learn while seated on a carpet sipping our coffees by digging deep into your passions, interests, talents, gifting, personality as well as the organizational experience you have and technical skills commensurate to your destiny. A self-discovery exploration journey with sentimental memories.

No doubt by now that you have arrived at an abstemious conclusion that the 2 hour session on Friday the 1st July did not do the momentous subject, Prison Break, all due justice required especially because we couldn’t afford a Q&A session due to time constraints.

You were utterly provoked yes, but undeniably; you felt the need to soul search alongside some close mentorship to conclusively say, “I have found my place.” That’s the Nile Cruise Promise.

Judging by the strong bonds that have taken place among Sense 101 Crew Leaders, my bet is that the (progressive) friends (new associations) that you will walk with (perhaps) for the rest of your life (as your close accountability buddies with shared values) will be as a result of this lifetime voyage.

If for no other reason, I would pay the price for meaningful associations, self discovery and refreshing moments at the Nile breezes as I enjoy one of the original 7 wonders of the World, The Great Pyramids of Egypt.

This cruise was originally intended to be a Leaders’ Summit for Sense 101 Crew Leaders. After a lot of soul searching and in line with what I will teach next week Friday the 2nd September, Leading Without a Position, I have opened this opportunity to the club members who are willing to come on board alongside the club leaders.

A couple of members have asked me at a personal level that they want to come on board and I thought it is only fair to be an equal opportunity player in line with our club values.

We had initially planned for 30 voyagers but clearly we now have to go back to the drawing table to accommodate the growing interest. As at now, we have 83 members who have expressed interest and the same have been grouped into a special whatsapp group for info related to this mission.

Of importance to note with this voyage is that the cruises get booked very early especially guests from Europe, far East and North America because this time of the year is just about the beginning of their summer holidays.

Since preliminary bookings reveal that April Nile Cruises close on 30th September, I suggest that 50% of the payments to be done by 30th August 2016 to enable us make solid reservations. With that, we will allow full payments to be made by 31st December 2016.

Kindly note that monies received for this specific mission will NOT be refundable at all. As you all know, while booking flights, you don’t book for a (hypothetical) body, rather, for a specific (named) person. While we can make partial payments with the hotels, not so with the planes and the ships.

Also note that this invitation is EXCLUSIVELY for registered Sense 101 Life Club members (and their immediate families).

In case of any clarification, feel free to call Mercy 0722 278176.

Following this extension of the original timelines, we will close this opportunity next week Friday the 2nd Sept at KICC whereby registration forms will be availed at the info desk.

Meantime, let’s meet at 5.30pm at Delta Hotel for the launch of Sense 101 Crews Season II.

In Your Service,
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.


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