The Trap of Mpango wa Kando

She wasn’t ready last night. He felt neglected. Unfortunately it’s anti-African for a man to discuss sexual frustrations. Suddenly, he notices this young beautiful chick in the front office who has just dropped from heaven, fresh – as though he has just seen her for the first time. All fundamentals are sharp. Unusually this morning the handshake lingers, the eyes wink with telling narrations. In less than a week the touches and brushes feel like lighting a flame. After all, she hasn’t given birth…seems like her breasts are firmly positioned and she has no indication of any excess fat in unwanted zones…

You certainly don’t want to miss this provocative article by Kinyanjui Nganga in the new release of Woman Without Limits magazine at only a cost of KES 50. The article touches on: the married dude and his mpango; the married woman and her mpango; the spice gal and her married boyfriend; the bachelor who dates a married woman; is there anything wrong with mpango wa kando?; how can I know if my spouse is in mpango wa kando?; and how can I protect my family from mpango wa kando?.

The read will provoke every nerve cell in your being on this momentous subject: The Trap of Mpango Wa Kando. The magazines are available at JCC Bookshop, Forest Road, Nairobi.

Woman Without Limits (Aug 2014)(JCC)


Kinyanjui Nganga

Author, Corporate  Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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  1. Joseah k. kigen says:

    can i access the magazine through the post.

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