They have evidence against you!

They have evidence against you!

Yes, they have witnessed your messes…they have evidence over your past…and it has not been a righteous one. But they are damn shocked…no thunderbolt has hit your head (yet). You seem to flourish by the day…life seems not to have treated you justly…you seem to have a cover of favour.


Perhaps your body would be rotten in the graveyard and your soul anguishing in hell…

Perhaps you would have dropped out of school due to fees…

Perhaps you would have been kicked out of your rental house when you lost your job…

Perhaps you would have had a fatal road carnage due to drank driving

Perhaps you would have broken into irreconcilable pieces when your ex left you


But Grace!

They would have wanted to see you fall with a bang

They have wished you ill all day long

They have judged you and found you wanting…and rightfully so.


But Grace ruled out all accusations…Grace cancelled all evidence against you. Grace annulled every curse over your life. Grace never treated you as they’d expected.  Grace didn’t repay what you deserve. Grace didn’t listen to your accusers.

On the contrary, you’ve been scaling from glory to glory. Living in a house you never built…eating from crops you never planted…drinking from a vineyard you never tendered. Dressing in outfits you never knit. Living a gracious life that you never imagined…dining with kings…medical scheme…club membership…perfect health…new healthy relationships…Amazing Grace.

But you must never forget that it is not about your effort or scheming. It is not about how calculative you’ve been on this side of heaven…it’s not how hard working thou hast been…

But His Grace

Oh, Grace. That saved a wretch like me and a saint like you.

It is in that shipwreck in 1748 that John Newton, a notorious slave dealer, called out to God for mercy when a violent storm severely battered his vessel off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland…and yes, Grace found him just before he drowned to face an eternal reality in hell. Like you and me, he never got his rightful reward. Grace turned favour in place of judgement. He broke into a stream of tears and loudly sang…amazing grace, how sweet thou sounds…the hymn that has since been associated with more than 20 melodies was later published in 1779 by now an ordained clergyman, John Newton.

You must, however, not take advantage of His Grace in any area of your life. Today I single out one area that you must endeavour to be a good steward: the resources that He has given you. Don’t squalor your earnings in your youthful days. Don’t live too large that you are just a couple of days away from utter bankruptcy. Don’t hide under the delusion of “False Money”…living under the cover of other people’s wealth christened ‘debt’.

I’m not suggesting you become risk averse either to the detriment of progress. But wait a minute, where do we draw the line between taking risks and living for a show? That’s why I invite you to a life transforming seminar, “False Money” whereby you will embrace the concept and value of “True Money”. No better person comes to my mind to help us in this lively debate than Erastus, a Regional Manager with Eco Bank & Denis, the Head of Channels, KCB. They’ve profoundly laboured with this subject with hundreds of customers almost their entire adult life…everyday.

As a trio, we are loaded with some indescribable unction for the moment. Bring any question on plastic monies, budgeting, financial planning, getting out of bad debt alive, financial conflicts in relationships, …hey bring it on…we are set for you! Among other issues, we will examine:-

  • Bad debts VS good debts
  • The phenomenon of a cashless society
  • Risk averseness VS living within your means
  • Drawing the line between your recurrent and development expenditure
  • Enhancing personal creditworthiness
  • Enjoying Christmas without January blues
  • Financial management in 2016

Come expectant on Friday the 6th Nov 2015 at Laico Regency Hotel from 6pm to 8pm and enjoy an enlightening evening at a cocktail cost of 2K only. We wish to bring to your attention that we don’t charge our monthly events. Monies paid by participants are remitted directly to the hotel for the venue and cocktail. Together with our staff, we serve you for free. Call 0718315551; 0725215711; 0721419430 or 0722278176 to reserve your booking. Bookings will close on Friday 23rd Oct 2015 due to logistical purposes. We have testimonies of lives transformed in our motivational and life coaching/mentorship programs.

As a mentorship club, SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, we meet the first Friday of every month to examine contemporary issues. In August we examined, “You Don’t Need A Job”. In September we examined, “Personality Dramas”. Last month (October), we examined, “Why Men are Linear and Women are Cyclic”. We’ve had participants attending from Kampala, Arusha, Mombasa, Kisumu, Meru, Eldoret, Kakamega, Nakuru etc.

Join SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, the fastest growing mentorship club in Africa, where we journey together as members…stand with each other…learn from one another…and network for life. In SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, you will never feel alone in this life. You will find a new family that you can genuinely call home. A place where you can be listened…corrected…guided…comforted and your wounds dressed.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Life Coach, Mentor, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker




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