Treat criticism as feedback…

Treat criticism as feedback…

Ever faced hostile criticism on a promising gruelling business venture you undertook? Someone popular you befriended? Positive bright future you vehemently spoke about? Advanced studies you sacrificially undertook? Luxurious car you bought? Fabulous holiday you spectacularly enjoyed with your family? Great song you produced following an arduous journey? Inspiring book you wrote? Moving speech you gave? Cool outfits you wore? Admirable way you read news? A play you remarkably performed? An efficacious ministry you lead? A bright political career?

When you do the right thing, some people will criticise you. When you do the wrong thing, people will still criticize you. Solution: do the right thing anyhow! Treat criticism as feedback. Indeed when you do not receive criticism, then critics are saying it too loudly: you are doing nothing. As long as you are on the move, you will be criticized. Remember its people who do nothing that are profligate in criticizing those that are on the move. Critics are not conscious of this inherent weakness – they have no clue what it costs to do something worthwhile. No wonder they are idle waiting for what winners are coming up with. To disparage your efforts as a go-getter.

Turn every curse into a blessing. Turn every discouragement into a motivation. When someone writes you off and says you won’t make it; let that be the number one motivator why you must make it to prove your critics wrong. Otherwise, you confirm their prophecies of doom.

Do not allow anyone to determine what you can or cannot do; be or never become. You are the captain of your soul. Only you can determine how far you can go. Losers perceive criticism as stopping stones on their success path. Winners perceive criticism as stepping stones on their way up. Criticism is the fuel that drives winners forward.

Finally remember that in the long history of mankind, no one has ever erected a statue in honour of a critic – which then implies that they are never treated with such high esteem, after all!

P/S: Sincere thanks to the participants of the KCB Biashara business club members who have either sent kind texts, emailed or called on phone expressing gratitude following the motivational sessions I conducted last week at Kakamega, Bungoma, Kisumu and Kisii and last week but one at Nairobi, Embu and Nyeri.

Kinyanjui Nganga

Author, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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