Working For Others?  


I came across a survey that indicated that 87% of people don’t like their jobs; 50% do not feel fulfilled by their jobs; 25% identified their job as their main stress factor; 41% live from pay-check to pay-check; 70% are not motivated by what they do; 50% are underpaid; 67% are in the wrong field; and 72% are being undermined in their place of work so that they don’t succeed.


More people than ever are victims or are about to be victims of down-sizing, organizational restructuring and lay-offs. Scary questions begin to arise: where do I go from here? How do I pay my mortgage? Others are still in jobs but full of fear of losing their jobs. Why not just go into your own business? For how long shall you live under the fear of being fired than you would care to admit?


Are you trying to push through the crowd, toppling people over to get to the front standing in the line awaiting corporate recognition? By now you ought to have realized that to achieve this end, you can no longer be yourself. You have to act as the corporations expect of you. Unwittingly, you’ve ended up as a genetic copy. A corporate replica. A commercial clone. An industrial cog. A dispensable commodity corporately and commonly referred to as ‘human resource.’


You take solace in benefits and pensions. Arguing that you’ve spent too much time and energy in your career aspirations and quitting will waste it down the drain. Guilt of wasted life and wasted years for adventures you never pursued. They silently die on your inside. You’ve betrayed your potential and life is lived but once. You’ve bound your game as a pawn in someone else’s game.  Sold yourself into indentured servitude. You feel hopeless to change your current situation. If you keep doing what you hate you will eventually hate yourself as well. Job security is an oxymoron. You can either have a job, or security, but never both.


You’ve played by the rules long enough. Doing exactly as instructed to win your favour to the top. But success seems not to be forthcoming as fast as you dreamt in your earlier years. You would rather be pursuing your passions and dreams. But you are now overwhelmed by fear. You live in regret that you vehemently protect from public exposure. The time has come for you to open your eyes once more to infinite possibilities. Realize that greatness evolves from a fervent believe in yourself. A strong belief in your own ideas and capabilities.


It’s glaringly obvious to you now that relying on only one sole source of income borders an irrational risk with increase in responsibilities. Equally obvious to you is also the fact that designing your work around you is far more rewarding that designing yourself around your work. The latter corners you to what is now commonly known as the ‘rat race.’ The latter utterly destroys your human ingenuity, creativity and innovativeness. For how long will you be bound by the fear of the unknown? Why do you imagine that business is for the likes of Bill Gates? Are you any less human?


While the spirit of gratitude is the highest of all human emotions, we must never confuse being grateful for what we have with settling for less that we were designed. There is an investment, if wasted, you will never recoup – your life. Twenty years from now, you will never regret for what you did and failed; you will regret for what you never tried. Why spend the next phase of your life doing something that doesn’t inspire your life? We were designed to live abundantly not sufficiently.


Besides your life’s opportunity cost, your employer pays you meagre earnings relative to the value you provide. A minute percent of the money that your role profits the company. A paycheck hardly achieves anything more than paying the bills. Without a shadow of doubt, an antiquated approach to work-life equation. Maybe I’ve spoken closely to your heart but you just can’t fire your boss (yet). There are realities on the ground that you need to deal with. Mortgage. Car loan. Bills. Fear of change or failure cannot be gainsaid. Undoubtedly, you need a proven formula to transit from employment into your own business.


As a corporate person, you’ve attended several seminars and classes. Why take another class when you can take a life journey? I’m now inviting you to an adventurous journey. A life-time cruise. Your life journey is my core interest. My very calling and purpose for living. Testimonies that flow through our social media platforms attest to the life transforming journey that members of Sense 101 Life Club are experiencing by the day.


This invitation is not just for those who desire to transit into business from employment but also for those who are proud that they are on their own and they now desire to raise their business to a whole new level. Those wondering, how do I get my brand recognized? How do I get found? The moment for reckoning has dawned for you to stop moping or stumbling through life broke.


I will confront deceptions, delusions and misconceptions about success and then explicitly flash out an established, proven and tested success procedure that has delivered results for me and for thousands around the world over the generations of human history. This could be your eureka moment. This could be your appointment with destiny.


Business is both a natural instinct and an acquired skill. This implies that anyone can learn the art and science of running a successful enterprise. From my perspective, entrepreneurship goes beyond guts and inherent features to a deliberate process. While majority of people start in employment, it is my considered opinion that everyone should end up with his/her own business. While you might not be ready to step out immediately and be your own boss right away, no doubt in my mind that you will sooner than later need the transformational lessons that I will teach on “Prison Break.”


Join me on Friday the 1st July 2016 from 6pm to 8pm at KICC – Amphitheatre as we unequivocally examine, “Prison Break.” To reserve your booking, call 0718 315551 or 0722 278176 or/and email by latest 28th June 5pm. This specific forum is extremely booked and you might not be guaranteed a seat later than that. My conscience is clear that this forum will surpass your expectations. A guaranteed game changer.


To participate in our July 1st 2016 conference, you will be required to pay KES 1,000 though Mpesa Till Number 983482 (Buy Goods & Services) or swipe your card (debit or credit) for a gate fee of KES 1,200. We do not accept cash transactions at all. We will then give you an opportunity to become a Sense 101 Life Club member at a nominal one-off fee of KES 1,000. Meantime, learn with me online through my videos available for free at:


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club


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