You change others by changing yourself

You dont change others by changing them, you change others by changing yourself. Whenever you relate with people, always ask yourself what you are giving into the relationship rather than what you are taking from the relationship. For instance, for those who are married, if you deliberately and consciously work on improving yourself, by default, you will either improve your spouse or change your perception on your spouse. To find fulfilment at your place of work, ask what your input is ten times over your natural concern for what you take home. Remember over 95% of all employees operate at the low level of complaining. You though are a high end achiever. Focus on your contribution. Your value. And therefore I encourage you to always seek to understand rather than to be understood. By doing so, you will manage your expectations in life and live beyond offence. This life has enough challenges, you need not increase them by attempting to be understood by others. As Eleanor Roosevelt observed, you cannot chose your circumstances, but you can always chose your attitude towards your circumstances. Frustrate all nay-sayers by denying them the opportunity to define your peace. Live above petty anger, strives and offences and make your abode among stars like the Eagle!

Kinyanjui Nganga,
Rise up to your Destiny

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