You Do Not Work for Anybody! NEVER

If you don’t love your job, quit!

Sadly so many employees miss out on the timeless principle of work. And that is, you don’t work for anybody. Never. Someone else might write you the pay slip or the cheque. The truth however is that you don’t work for anyone. You work for yourself.

Employed or self-employed, we all work for ourselves. Period. How? As an employee, your current employer may not reward you for what you deserve. However, right in this life, someone will. No one who worked above average ended up not recognized the long run. By continually doing something that you do not like not only deprives your employer what is rightfully his, but also drains you energy. When you do (work on) something that you are passionate about, the end result is that you master the job and your enthusiasm becomes contagious.

If your current employer doesn’t recognize your undivided effort early enough, someone else will and eventually you will earn what you deserve. Factually, you may end up earning remotely more than you essentially deserve since far too many people are but average. And therefore I urge you to put your best foot forward. Give it your all. Refuse to be average simply because you are hired and differentiate yourself from the commoner. As King Solomon of Ancient Israel indicated, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.

Shape up for Your Destiny

Kinyanjui Nganga

Director-Shape Afrika

2 thoughts on “You Do Not Work for Anybody! NEVER

  1. ramadhan says:

    Wow Good article to motivate us to always do our best

  2. Phildenz says:

    I like this , if everyone can apply this no boss can play with your duties.

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