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You Don’t Need a Job

You Don’t Need a Job

You were created to live abundantly, not sufficiently. You were designed to be deployed, not employed. You don’t need a job, but you need to work. Your work should be aligned with your purpose in life.

In a job, someone determines your worth. Someone decides your monetary value. You play ball in someone else’s game. Whoever determines your take-home, determines your lifestyle. An employer determines where you live, what you drive, where you take your children to school and where/when you can go for holiday.

Then they pay you a meagre percent of the value your role profits the company.

You remain nervous whenever there is organizational restructuring. You dread appraisals and job evaluations. You can’t afford to be a victim of lay-offs, mergers, acquisitions and down-sizing. You have a real mortgage, car loan, bills, schools’ fees, unsustainable lifestyle and a name to protect.

You are a prisoner of someone else’s agenda. A prisoner of choicelessness. Trying to push through the crowded corporate hierarchy, toppling colleague employees over to get to the front standing in the line awaiting corporate recognition? You are no longer yourself. You act as the corporations demand of you. Playing by the rules of a set game.

You’ve been outplayed and outwitted. You’ve ended up as a genetic copy. A corporate replica. A commercial clone. An industrial cog. A dispensable commodity they refer to as ‘human resource.’

You now take solace in benefits, medical schemes and pensions. Arguing that you’ve spent too much time and energy in your career aspirations and quitting will waste it down the drain. You’re guilty of wasted life and wasted years for adventures you never pursued. They silently die on your inside.

You’ve betrayed your potential and bound your game as a pawn in someone else’s game.

Job security is an oxymoron.

You can either have a job, or security, but never both. Nassim Nicholas Taleb puts it this way, ‘Nothing is more addictive than heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary.’

Is your job the only reality? What if there was an alternative world view? No anxiety of being fired. No apprehension of biased appraisals. No prejudice in promotions. Where you’re rewarded commensurate to your sacrifice and contribution.

Peace in life does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your spirit.

While your job tells you how much you should make, your work tells you to make how much you want. In your own business, you set the rules of the game and determine the terms of engagement. You determine when and how long to work to get the results you personally have predetermined.

Amazon, Apple, Google, HP and Microsoft were all started in a car garage. The founders of these multi-national corporations did not put up multi-billion dollar factories, but innovated multi-billion ideas on a desktop just like Uber Taxis, Alibaba and Facebook. Most successful entrepreneurs started from scratch.

In my inspirational book, You Don’t Need a Job, I’ve documented eight inspiring stories of prominent Kenyan entrepreneurs based on a face-to-face interview. They all started from scratch and so did I. I started my own business after college when our national economy was at its lowest. With 86 employees and counting, I can tell you with integrity that you too can start your own business without money.

If you’d want to launch into your own business, I’m now inviting you to our National Business Conference at KICC next week Tuesday the 20th March from 6pm to 8pm themed, STARTING BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY.

I’ve fully sponsored this conference. There are NO CHARGES at all but you’ll be required to register through this link by latest 5pm this week Friday the 16th March and come with your Conference Delegate status confirmation.

Register for the conference on Eventbrit

Based on the numbers we witnessed in last year’s conference, you’re well advised to secure your seat by 5.30pm on the Conference Day, Tuesday the 20th March 2018. Admissions will strictly be based on registrations and remember to carry your national ID or Passport for clearance at the security desk.

In this conference, I’ll teach you how to generate a sound business idea, business timing, business modelling, products differentiation, competitive advantage, team execution and business funding. I’ll also give you the eight leading causes of business failure in Kenya and help you navigate through them by cultivating an incisive business mind-set.

For any inquiries: 0733640790 / 0719640790 / 0722533053 / 0718315551 / 0722278176

Thank you,

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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