You want quick money in 2015?

You want quick money in 2015?

Have you been out of college for more than 10 years and still keep running broke every so often? Are you experiencing January blues due to financial challenges? In 2015, bite this hard nut, you are the cause of being financially unstable. As a Kenyan, and having the unique privilege of interacting with my fellow citizens far more than the average Kenyan especially through public speaking in corporates, public sector, NGOs as well as learning and religious institutions, I have seen three major causes of unnecessary perpetual financial difficulties among the working class.

Desire for quick money – Lots of Kenyans like short cuts, matters money. If you want quick money in 2015, you might end up dead or dead broke or both. The only tested sure way for financial freedom is mastering a craft premised on a long term view of life. Being so good at your game that you are inspired by your work rather than returns. In 2015, recognize that incomes follow passion. Master your game. Grow up from the delusion of quick fixes. There is not a single ‘well baked’ talent that is not in demand. The market, however, is not interested with mediocrity.

Living for others – Lots of Kenyans live for a show. They buy things that they do not need, with money that they do not have, to please people that they do not like! In 2015, live your life. Your financial expenditure should no longer be a factor of making impressions. While you might be impressed by someone driving a range sports, you have no clue where the dude got his bucks. And perhaps, your priority is to buy/build a house as you drive to work in your nice starlet. Take your children to a good school where you can comfortably afford to balance all important but competing needs.

Blame games – How unfortunate it is that many Kenyans like blaming someone else for their misfortunes. Especially, a broken relationship. Followed by upbringing. While I appreciate that someone else may have caused you pains, recognize that you cannot turn back the hands of time. There is not a single iota about yesterday that you have power over. Burry your ordeal past in the sea of forgetfulness and open a new chapter of hope and victory in 2015. As long as you have someone to blame, you end up never taking responsibility for your destiny and empower your past to control your future. Decide in 2015 that you are in control. Life will no longer happen to you. You will happen to life. Confess that you will never be financially broke again. Words commit you to action and they align everything in nature to work in conformity with your spoken word and your written word well-articulated in your life plan and vision.

May you have a prosperous 2015.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and an Author.




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